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it is the munda revolt for freedom from the colonial british government who had taken thier rights to their lands and made them pay heavy taxes and if they couldnt pay the taxes they were turned into slaves without getting payed. so,its basically a freedom tribal movement

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Q: What is birsa munda revolt?
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Heros of tribal revolt in twentieth century?

birsa munda

When did Birsa Munda die?

Birsa Munda died on 1900-06-09.

When was Birsa Munda born?

Birsa Munda was born on 1875-11-16.

What is the airport code for Birsa Munda Airport?

The airport code for Birsa Munda Airport is IXR.

Who was birsa munda and where was he born?

Birsa Munda was an Indian tribal freedom fighter, born in Ulihatu, in the Khunti district f India -in 1875.

Who was guru of birsa munda?

Anand Pandey

Name of heroes of tribal revolts in twentieth century?

Birsa Munda

What is the name of airport situated in the capital of Jharkhand?

Birsa munda airport

What was the vision of golden age for birsa munda?

Birsa Munda is considered to be the "Bhagawan" of Jharkhand. Birsa was a tribal leader who made his men realize that their lands were gradually been taken over by the British and that they were being reduced to the rank of bonded labours in their own lands. He had organised his first protest march for remission of forest dues

Which state was formed on the birthday of its famous tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda?


When did munda revolt take place?

1899-1900 under the leadership of Bisra Munda.

Some of the tribal leaders of India of their contibution during the Indian national movement?

Birsa Munda, Tamil Prabhakaran and Siddhartha Shankar Ray

What is rebellion in the forest?

in many parts of india and across the world forest communities rebelled against the changes that were being imposed by them the leaders of these movements against the british like sidhu and kanu in the santhal paganas birsa munda of chota nagpur

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