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What is black migration?

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There was one after the civil war when 60,000 blacks migrated west looking for opportunity in Kansas and Oklahoma. There was another one between 1940 and 1970 when millions of southern blacks migrated north to industrial cities like Chicago and Detroit looking for work.

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Where did the city of Chicago encouraged African American migration by?

The city of Chicago was founded by a black tradesman. He encouraged the migration of African Americans from the South who were freed or fugitive slaves to form a black community in the city.

How did black death influence the migration to America?

People say they did but they did not People say they did but they did not

What was the Great Migration during the Civil Rights Movement?

The Great Migrationa move to the more tolerant north from the south which was alot less tolerant to black Americans

Migration of people in jazz novel by Toni Morrison?

Morrison gives "a great migration" of people in her novel Jazz.the black peoples migrate from South to North.

What statement about the black migration of the 1920s is true?

This question is incomplete and can't be answered as it is stated.

What has the author Timuel D Black written?

Timuel D Black has written: 'Bridges of memory' -- subject(s): African Americans, Biography, History, Internal Migration, Interviews, Migration, Internal, Migrations, Race relations, Social conditions

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The Great Migration was the mass movement of black Americans from the south to industrial cities of the North. Beginning during World War I and continuing until the 1970's, Black Americans fled the South looking for more tolerant societies and economic opportunity. At the time it was the single largest internal migration of any group in American History.

What kind of book is A Raisin in the Sun?

it is a book concerning the life of a black family in the south side of chicago, during the black migration, and teetering on hoplessness

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Which term refers to the cultural movement in New York City that resulted from the black migration of the 1920s?

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What has the author Robert T Ernst written?

Robert T. Ernst has written: 'The geographical literature of black America, 1949-1972' -- subject(s): African Americans, Bibliography, Internal Migration, Migration, Internal

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