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Q: What is body tension in pe?
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What is the definition for body tension?

it is the tension of bodies

Do you need pe to be a PE teacher?

Study lessons in school and uni to do with the body.

Why is PE good for your body?


What is a body subjected to a pull?


What is body tension?

Body tension is the ability to fall over and get a cramp in your bum your you start to pla netball and read the time correcly!!! JOKIN!!! Body tension is the ability to stand upright with a firm posture, where your body is stiff and erect.

What can you infer in the relationship of PE and KE of free falling body?

As the energy is conserved, PE + KE = constant So as PE decreases KE increases by the same amount

What is physical tension?

physical tension is one of the muscle tension. it means there are stress in the muscles of body. it can be due to malnuitrition or tiredness, excessive exercises.

How does tension occur?

Tension is a force acting on a body and it occurs when the body is in a state of work.The direction of force acts on the opposite direction of work done.

Why is body tension important in gymnastics?

body tension is important as it allows you to achieve a high rated, quality standard and more professional movement and posture

What does it mean when the guy stares at you in pe?

it usually means he likes u, but if its ONLY in pe....since ur wearing pe gear, possible could mean he just likes ur body.

What is PE key concepts?

Some of the key concepts in PE (physical education) are the joy of movement, understanding the body, personal challenge, and teamwork.

What is PE overload?

Overload in PE is the principle of training that states we must work our body systems harder than usual in order for them to be improved.

What are the objectives of PE in Modern Europe?

Physical Education (PE) is created for the objective of achieving physical fitness for all students, as well as teaching students about the human body and how to treat it well, mostly with keeping your body in shape. In some areas, PE and Health are taught together in harmony.

Is pe good for you?

yes because it gets your body working (physical education)

One type of medicine which kills bacteria in the body?

pe of prevenitive medicine is

The type of stress that stretches and pulls a body apart is?


What reduces surface tension?

Many things can reduce surface tension such as soaps, but if you're talking about within the body, the most important surface tension reducer is the surfactant of the lung.

What substance produced by the body lowers the surface tension of water?


How does surface tension affect your environment?

Surface tension affects everyone's environment in many ways. Surface tension is the property of water that makes life to exist as we are accustomed. Surface tension also makes our body cells functional.

What is the region human feel tension?

People can feel tension throughout their body. The neck, chest, and head are some of the most common areas people feel tension during stress.

How to calculate the magnitude of the tension of a string?

Calculate the magnitude of the tension in a string by drawing a free body diagram, and then using the formula T = mg + ma.You can calculate the magnitude of the tension in a string by first drawing a Free body diagram, and then using the formula T = mg + ma.

What subjects do you need to take to be a choreographer?

you will need PE french (for ballet) and biology (for how the body moves.)

What does pe pe mean?


Where is rage 2 with on cheats NOT RAGE 3?

pe pe pe vagina

What is the fullform of PE on the basis of computer command?

There is no "PE" as in commands, but there is Windows PE.