What is brisk walk?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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There is no generally agree-upon answer. However, I suggest that you think of brisk walking as walking at a 4 mile per hour pace. To avoid gaining body fat as you get older, you will probably find that averaging walking two miles daily is sufficient.

If you want to use brisk walking to decrease your amount of body fat, walk 3, 4, 5, or 6 miles daily. You do not have to do your daily walking all at one time; you may go for two or three walks. The best time to walk is before your first meal of the day. Of course, you should obtain your physician's blessing before making any significant changes to your diet or exercise program. If you have not been walking regularly, start slowly.

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Faster than window shopping, slower than jogging. Like when your late for something but you're too cool to run for it.

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Q: What is brisk walk?
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How do you put brisk in sentence?

Yes, I'm up for a brisk walk this morning.

What is a sentence using the word brisk?

I hope you are able to enjoy a brisk recovery from your experience. Grab your windbreaker; it's rather brisk out there. The horn section interjected a brisk tempo to the otherwise slow tune.

How many miles per hour constitutes a brisk walk?

4 mph is considered to be brisk.

Can you please Use the word brisk in a sentence for second graders?

Sarah took a brisk walk in the park with her dog, feeling the cool air on her face and the leaves crunching under her feet.

On a brisk walk a person burns about 325 Calh At this rate how many hours of brisk walking would it take to lose o pound of body fat?

what BRISK MEANS????????

What is the difference between quick walk and brisk walk?

Technically speaking, a quick walk refers to a walk that takes place over a short period of time, while a brisk walk refers to the actual pace at which one walks. Therefore, you could take a quick walk to the drug store because it doesn't take long to get there, however in order to take a brisk walk (or to walk briskly) you would need to walk at a faster, more efficient pace than you might normally walk. This seems to be a case of semantics, so I hope it answers the question....

What is a good time to walk a half marathon?

A brisk walk is about 4MPH, it would take 3hrs 18minutes at that pace.

What are some good leg exercises?

running, walking, jogging, and a brisk walk

What exersice makes your heartbeat faster?

A brisk walk, or running will rise a heart beat.

How far was Eragon's home from town?

Ten miles. Brisk walk in the winter time.

Do you have to run to lose weight?

No, you can do other exercises. A good brisk walk is just as good for you.

Is a daily brisk walk an easy way to become more active and improve health?

Yes, a 30-45 minute brisk walk daily a way to become more active and improve health. Whether is an easy way it individualistic.