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What is broadband use for?


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A broadband connection is used to connect to the internet using an electronic device.

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No. You use up broadband when you are downloading and playing online on the Xbox.

The benefits of having unlimited broadband are limitless. Unlimited broadband doesn't restrict your internet use, also unlimited broadband use tends to be faster than other conventional internet uses.

its not possible to use a broadband stick on a ps3 yet.

Internet penetration is the number of people that have Internet in an area. Broadband penetration is the number of people who use broadband.

Broadband is faster than dsl. When you are wanting internet services, you are definitely going to want to use broadband services.

You can not use a USB to connect the PS3 to Broadband only WiFi or ethernet cable

No. broadband does not use Public Switch Telephone Network (PTSN).

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AOL Broadband is a broadband service in the United Kingdom. It was bought by The Carphone Warehouse in October 2006 from the parent company America Online.

Telstra ( Bigpond Broadband )Optus BroadbandDodo BroadbandVodafone BroadbandVirgin Mobile BroadbandClub Telco BroadbandTransACT Broadband

Broadband transmission makes the best use of bandwidth. With broadband, there is little to interfere with the individual computer download or uplink.

Most broadband connections today are always up and use ____ IP addressing. Answer: dynamic

Broadband internet is what people use for home internet and is different compared to cell phone LTE/5G internet.IVC Telecom is broadband internet provider in Canada

You can use the Google DNS to increase the BSNL broadband speed in Windows 8.

There are many companies that offer wireless broadband use. Virgin, Sky, O2, and Talk Talk are some of the larger popular companies that offer wireless broadband for home use. Depending on your state there are numerous smaller companies that offer the services as well.

Any broadband should be fine, you don't need a special ps3 broadband. You can connect wirelessly via the inbuilt wifi or with an ethernet cable to a router.

If by broadband, you mean high-speed internet, then you need that, and you also need a wireless router in order to use Wi-Fi in Pokemon Platinum.

Internet connection on the PS3 requires Broadband WiFi or Ethernet Cable Connection and not a connection trying to use USB Port

There is no broadband connection on mobile devices. You can only use WiFi or Data connection over mobiles network.

Orange broadband is not the fastest broadband offered. That honor goes to O2. Orange broadband just so happens to be the slowest broadband when compared to others.

Wireless broadband works for newer computers. Depending on how many wireless devices you need to use at the same time will be the deciding factor in how well your broadband service works.

It works with a broadband connection. dsl=broadband, therefore should work (unless you have a slow dsl connection.

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One can find a good broadband laptop at Verizon Wireless. Verizon offers multiple broadband laptops for cheap prices. The laptops use the very fast Verizon network.

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