What is calabash style cooking?


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Calabash (as far as the cooking category goes) is a way of cooking seafood that began in the small fishing village of Calabash, NC. The townspeople would show up at the docks to see what the fishermen caught, and they would have a big, communal seafood meal right there. It eventually became so popular they moved it indoors and started a restaurant. One of the original restaurants, Beck's, is still open to this day.

Calabash-style seafood (shrimp and flounder are most popular), is very fresh seafood coated in cornmeal instead of flour or batter, usually with a peppery spice added. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they soak it in buttermilk first, sometimes adding hotsauce. Then it is lightly and quickly fried. It's almost always served with cole slaw, but I don't know if they have a particular style of cole slaw or not.

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