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You've got to be kidding me. A volcano that erupts often is called a cinder cone volcano, a volcano that does not erupt at all is called a shield volcano, and a volcano that can erupt but doesn't is a composite volcano. Here is the chart.

Cinder cone: eruption

Shield: dead

Composite: sleep

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Yes they are. A volcano that is not erupting is called a dormant (meaning sleeping) volcano, while one that is erupting is called an active volcano.

there are about 1,000,000 people killed by erupting volcanoes or more!!! hi what your name!!!!$$$5%%%%####

A volcano is called a volcano whether it is erupting or not.It is called an active volcano if it is erupting or has erupted recently.It is a dormant volcano if it hasn't erupted in a long time.Extinct volcanoes are not expected to ever erupt again.

Underwater mountains of volcanic origin are called seamounts.

There are volcanoes that are constantly erupting all over the world.

People survive volcanoes by getting away from them while the volcanoes are erupting.

If it erupting then yes.

Lava erupting from volcanoes can be as hot as 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

active - currently eruptingdormant - not currently erupting but expected to in futureextinct - not erupting and not expected to

there the same think but the only diffrence is that the volcano is erupting

Active volcanoes are erupting or has erupted recently. Dormant volcanoes haven't been erupting recently, but may erupt in the future. They could be considered "sleeping". Extinct volcanoes will never erupt again.

active volcanoes are not erupting

It is called a active volcano. Inactive volcanoes have not erupted for more than a century.

No, Astronomers have discovered erupting volcanoes on Venus as well as Earth

if their erupting that doesn't happen much though.

Volcanoes are still erupting today. :)

erupting volcanoes is the correct answer for A+

The islands were formed from erupting volcanoes.

About 50 to 60 volcanoes erupt each day.

No. Composite volcanoes erupt mostly ash and pumice.

Volcanoes that are not erupting may either be dormant or extinct. A dormant volcano is one that is not erupting, but is still likely to erupt eventually. An extinct volcano is one that is not expected to erupt again.

Yes, they can stop erupting over time.

No. Nothing we can to can prevent volcanoes from erupting.

the problems caused by volcanoes are earthquakes, tsunamis, and mudslides. Mudslides happen in California.

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