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You remember Peter, don't you? Avery's brother, Peter? You know, the actor guy . . . The one who tried to use Natalie to get to her famous actor dad? Yeah, that Peter. Well, guess whose parents are forcing him to go to the Walla Walla reunion? But that's not the half of it - turns out, Peter arrives at the reunion only to discover he's developing feelings for Natalie - the real kind this time. And the best chance he has at getting into her good graces might very well involve dressing up in a skirt and carrying pom-poms!

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Q: What is camp confidential in it to win it about?
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When do the new camp confidential books come out?

The next Camp Confidential book comes out in October 2010. It is called In it to win it.

Is camp confidential a real camp?

actually there is no camp called camp confidential. Although, their is a book series called camp confidential.

What is the first camp confidential book?

The first camp confidential book is Natalie's Secret.

Does camp confidential exist?

Camp Confidential is just the name of the book but, Camp Lakeview is real. It's a resort and christian camp in Pennsylvania.

Where is camp lakeview in camp confidential?

Camp Lakeview is in Pennsylvania

Is there a camp similar to Camp Lakeview in Camp Confidential?

Yes there is it's in pa

Is camp confidential going to be a movie?


What is the setting of camp confidential alex's challenge?

At Camp Lakeview ofcourse.

What is the genre of camp confidential series?

It is fiction

Are there more then 20 camp confidential books?


Is there camp confidential 26?

not yet but she is working on one

What channel is the camp confidential show on?

It is planned to be on Disney Channel.