Air Pollution
Water Pollution

What is caused by water pollution?

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Pollution can happen in the air and in water. Pollution in the air is caused by cars and factories. Water pollution is caused by oil.

what are the disease caused by thermal, land and water pollution?

Waterpollution is caused by chemicals people through in water that cause water pollution.

Water pollution is caused by littering, oil spill and sewerage. Because of this, it effects our drinking water and kills wildlife; such as sea creatures.

Air and noise pollution is caused on Diwali. Water pollution is caused on Holi.

Water Hyacinthe was found to be effective in checking water pollution caused by industrial effluents.

We can improve water pollution by educating peoples about the harms caused by water pollution today and what are their effects in future. How water pollution generating water crisis and in addition many water related diseases.

Yes. Cholera is caused by water pollution by cholera bacteria. Some times by food pollution by cholera bacteria through flies.

Oil, garbage, and landfill.

SAND POLLUTION is pollution of sand which is caused by chemicals ,garbage,polluted water,etc. if thrown in it.....


Water pollution in the Philippines is caused by various things including industrial waste. Household waste is another cause of water pollution in the Philippines.

Thermal pollution can be caused by soil erosion, as the sediments make the water muddy and thus increase light absorbency and thermal pollution

To overcome water pollution caused by industries, there should be strict pollution control laws and legislation put into place. Another solution is treating certain wastes by municipal facilities.

Air pollution, water pollution, ground pollution, light pollution (interferes with observing the sky at night; is caused by unshielded artificial lights), and noise pollution.

soil pollution. burning can cause air pollution and breathing cause respiratory problems. water pollution.

many pollution like air pollution,water pollution and green house gas global warming.........

thermal pollution are caused by addition of excess of undisarable heat to the water and domestic pollution are caused by any house used detergent,soap etc are produced heat by use of water

Air pollution and water pollution are alike because they both are caused by us and are harming us. They are also harming the plants and animals that live near or in the pollution.

Pollution in water affects fish. Pollution can be caused by smoke or smog from factories, etc.

washed up on beach, water animals harmed

The contamination of water is known as water pollution. Water pollution can occur in lakes, rivers, oceans, groundwater. It is caused by litter and toxins being dumped into the water.

Water pollution can be caused if chemicals are used to separate metals from the earth.

Pollution is caused by carbon dioxide.

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