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I think the pancakes are ready!

Hmmm, two things occure to me. 1. Some syrup got spilled and ran inside the dash into the heater at some point in it's life and when the temp. is turned up, you can still smell it. 2. Anti-freeze is leaking inside you car. Possible through a bad heater core? Anti-freeze usually has a kind of sickly, sweet smell but I suppose it might smell like maple syrup to you. Hope that helps.

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What is the highest temperature setting on a home oven?

450 is the highest temperature setting.

Which warming blanket has a specific temperature setting?

You should get the warming blankets at Target with the digital temperature setting.

Which human acts would increase the temperature of a city during the summer?

Building a city would be one cause (see heat island effect), turning on all of the air conditioning units, or setting fire to the city are all ways to increase the temperature of a city.

What is setting temperature?

200 F

How gypsum effect the setting time of cement?

gypsum increase the setting time of cement.

Is it more economical to set the thermostat to a constant temperature or adjust in morning and at night?

Depending on your temperature setting, usually the best is about 70 degrees, it's best to set the thermostat, and leave it at a constant setting. Resetting your thermostat to higher temperatures requires the furnace work harder, and will usually increase your utility bill.

How low does the humidity setting go?

Usually, Humidity setting is 1/2 of the Temperature.

What temperature is silk setting on iron?


Which refrigerator was the coldest temperature setting for the freezer?

The coldest temperature settinf for the freezer is Coldest. That is what my freezer says. All refrigerators have freezers with a Coldest setting.

How do you increase the video memory?

Lower the quality setting.

What is sleep mode in air conditioners?

Once this setting is activated the air conditioner will gradually increase the temperature during your sleep time. This slight increase in temperature will not affect your comfort level due to the natural effects that sleeping has on the body, but it will save on the energy consumption of the unit, in effect lowering your power bill with regular use.

What temperature is cotton setting on iron?

The cotton setting on an iron is approximately 193 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do you adjust refrigerator temperature setting dial?

You adjust the temperature by turning the knob on the thermometer.

How do you increase the brightness on computer screen?

you go to the brightness setting

What is temperature difference between a heavy person and a skinny person?

Depends on the temperature setting of the oven...

How do you set the temperature in a haier wine cooler?

I tried setting the temperature on my Haier but get a reading of ll

Which setting is colder on a refrigerator 1 or 5?

On a refrigerator "5" is usually a colder temperature setting than "1". On heaters the opposite is true: 1 is usually the lowest temperature setting, and numbers greater than 1 are for higher temperatures.

What is the highest room temperature for a child care setting?


What temperature is a quick wash?

It varies between manufacturers. Most machines default to 40o but it will be overridden by the temperature setting.

What is the temperature of the wool setting on a iron?

usually it is about 300 degrees Fahrenheit

Air What is the average temperature setting for home air conditioning?


Which water temperature setting would use the least energy?


What is the temperature setting for a t and p valve on a water heater?


What temperature setting should you use to bake a pizza?

about 350 degrees

What should heat temperature be set to if it is 30 degrees outside?

The indoor temperature setting should be at a comfortable level for living in. The outside temperature should be an irrelevance.