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Short in wiring or a defective horn relay or switch.

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Q: What is causing your 1995 Camaro's horn to start honking by itself?
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Why would a car with a remote starter start up on it's own?

The remote key uses a radio signal to start the car. This means something else can be on that frequency and causing it to start. Could be something in the system itself.

Can fog keep a car from starting?

More than likely no! There is a possibility moisture in a fuse box or wiring harness causing corrosion can cause a car to not start! But Fog itself has never been recorded causing engine failure by any means!

1997 oldmobiles delta 88 why does engine shut down after temperature increases Or why is is shutting down and if you wait 15 mins or so it will then start?

try changing the ignition control mudule. it sounds like that's heating up to the point of malfunction causing it to not be able to run the engine properly. the same problem can occur in other vehicles like the 3rd generation Chevy camaros.

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You have a ground wire that isn't grounded causing a shortage therefore blowing the fuse....I would start with the ground wire that is connected directly to the starter itself

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HELP THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME 2...something is causing the relay to go bad and this is causing the car to not start

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What does it means when your car trys to start itself without having the key in the ignition?

you will need to get it checked ASAP, jut in case it really does start and drive away by itself

Why wont my 1991 camaro rs start. Under the dash there is a female plug with wires as purple with white stripe and white with black stripe. i have to put a resistor in it for it to turn over. And idea?

Check the power to the Camaros solenoid to start with. If there is no power then look at the neutral safety switch as a possible cause of the car not starting.

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Remote start system

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