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Probably the type of soap. Are you using a rinse agent such as Jet Dry. It does make a difference.

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What causes silverware to tarnish?

The most common cause of tarnish to silverware (or any silver for that matter) would be sulfide. Any material that contains sulfide will most likely be the cause of your silverware tarnish. There are even foods that contain sulfide that can be the cause of tarnish. Climate and high humidity are also causes of silverware tarnish. There could be many causes as sulfide is found in many materials, but these would be the most common causes. Some are slow to tarnish, and others could accelerate the process.

Is there green on old sterling silver silverware?

Green is an extreme form of tarnish and corosion. Is a devaluatiin for sure

What causes silver flatware to tarnish in the dishwasher?

you do use a dishwasher, remove the pieces before the drying cycle.If the flatware is sterling, then it's a better idea to wash them using a milder soap than is used by the dishwashing machine.

What causes silverware to rust?

silver ware tarts when yhu leave it in the sun.or yhu make it cold,or puts it in mud or dirt..and that causes it to tarnish.answ2. Rust is a word reserved for the oxidizing iron.Silver will 'tarnish' by absorbing on its surface chlorides and sulphides from the air. [Sterling silver which contains a few % of copper to harden it, will tarnish more readily than pure silver. If you like the tarnish on silver, then call it 'patina'.

How does lithuim react with oxygen?

Lithium reacts with oxygen by causing it to tarnish. This reaction is magnified if heat is applied which causes tarnish to form very quickly when compared to exposing to oxygen alone.

Do pennies tarnish or rust?


Does helium rust or tarnish?


I've heard that using a lemon scented dishwash soap will eventually wear down your silverware, is that true?

I believe this is a false statement. Pure lemon juice is used to kill germs, neutralize odor and added to a baking soda/salt combination to remove tarnish from stainless steel as well as silverware. It is the type of metal use in some products that may possibly cause a tarnish-like stain. There certain products you must dry immediately due to oxidation and moisture. Check label for care insturctions.

Which metal will not tarnish?

Gold wont tarnish

What is the name of silver when corroded?

silver oxide.add Most of the black 'patina' on silverware is the sulphide of silver. But, Sterling silver has about 7.5% of copper added to improve the durability of the product, and this causes a CuO tarnish which is also black.

How do you tarnish pennys?

Damp conditions tarnish copper and bronze pennies quickly. Bleach can also tarnish them.

What part of speech does tarnish play in - the tarnish can be easily removed with polish?

In that sentence, "tarnish" is a noun.

What causes gold to tarnish?

gold doesn't tarnish.

Do gold coins change or tarnish?

No, gold does not tarnish.

Which metals tarnish?

Copper, silver, and brass tarnish.

Is silver plated china dishwasher safe?

Since silver-plate is a coating, it can easily tarnish, dull and wear. It's highly recommended by most experts to hand wash these items in soapy water.

What will happen if you rub ketchup on a tarnish penny and wash it off with water?

i think the tarnish will come of the tarnish penny

What part of speech does tarnish play in the sentence The tarnish can be easily removed with polish?

tarnish is being used as a noun.

What part of speech is tarnish in the sentence Silver will tarnish if it is not polished often?

The word "tarnish" in the sentence "the silver will tarnish if it is not polished often" is a verb. It is describing the action of the silver in the sentence.

Does silver tarnish?

yes it can tarnish very well if not protected

What causes tarnish?

Tarnish is oxidation caused by exposure to air.

What is another word for tarnish?

Another word for tarnish is destroy.

Does gold tarnish and why?

No gold does not tarnish. however, it is quite soft.

What is causing rust stains on silverware and dishes in the dishwasher if you're on city water?

AnswerYou should never put silver, gold platted or good wine glasses in your dishwasher. The minerals or chlorine can leave marks on your silver. Always hand wash them in warm soapy water. Clean them, wash them in warm soapy water, and use suran wrap to roll them in to keep the air out. Next time you use them you won't have to clean them again. Air will tarnish silver as you know. The above also applies to pottery dishware, mugs, cups, and also good china with gold or silver trim. Hand wash.AnswerIn Houston, when they periodically flushed the pipes, the water throughout the household was rusty colored at those times. Try using a commercial rinse agent in your dishwasher or add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse water. Maybe you should also check out how long your dishes are actually wet after the wash cycle is over.If your dishwasher is an older model, the tips of the plastic racks sometime wear off exposing the metal below. These tips will start to rust and leave deposits on your dishes.

Why silver jewelry tarnish with lime?

why silver jewellery tarnish with lime?