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There is no accurate count on the number of cells in the human body. The accepted estimate is about 50 trillion.

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What is the difference between body cell and body tissue?

Body cells are just... cells. Body cells make up body tissue.

How sex cells differ from body cells?

Sex cells have half the chromosomes that body cells do.

What do cells do for your body?

cells are the building blocks of our body

What are body cells?

they are cells found in the human body

Are body cells diploid?

All somatic cells (body cells) are diploid. Only gametes (sex cells) are haploid. When talking about 'body cells' in biology, sex cells are not included.

How many sex cells are in your body?

23 sex cells are in each human body, and there are 46 body cells.

What diploid cells are in the human body?

The rest of the Body Cells are the diploid cells in the Human body. These body cells contain 23 pairs of homologous chromosomes; in total of 46 chromosomes per cells.

Where are cells in the body?

The entire body is made up of cells. - Blood Cells - Skin cells - etc

How do body cells compare to sex cells?

Body cells have twice the complement of DNA that sex cells have.

What are two types of cells found in the human body?

Sex cells (germ cells) and somatic (body cells) cells

How do body cells make more body cells?

The cells are reproduced in the bone marrow

Another name for body cells?

Another name for body cells is somatic cells.

Do prokaryotic cells have a Golgi body?

No. Prokaryotic cells, or bacteria cells, do not have a Golgi body.

Longest cells in the human body?

Nerve Cells are the longest cells in human body.

What do cells do in your body?

Cells ARE your body. You are made up of cells. What they do depends on what type of cell they are.

What are the main body cells?

The main body cells are somatic cells, which have 46 chromosomes.

Is mitosis sex or body cells?

Body cells. Meiosis deals with sex cells

How many cells in a twelve year old?

there are the amount of cells in your body that you think you have. e.g:if you think you have 2 cells in your body, you will have 2 cells in your body.

What are body cells called?

Body cells are called somatic cells. Soma- means body. Germ cells are those that produce egg or sperm.

How are sex cells different from body cells?

Cause body cells have twice the chromosomes a sex cell has Body cells have 46 chromosomes and sex cells have 23 chromosomes.

How much cells do you have in your body?

we have 1 trillion cells in our body.

What does blood remove from the cells of the body?

Blood carrys food and oxygen to the cells of your body, and removes waste from the cells of your body.

Can cells grow in your body?

Yes, [animal] cells can grow in your body. In fact, they are growing and reproducing all the time.Different types of cells can range from:Bone cellsStomach cellsBrain cellsSkin cellsMuscle cellsIf you are wondering if plant cells can grow inside your body, they cannot. Only animal cells are made to grow inside your body. The cells that grow in your body are specialized animal cells.

What are two types of somatic cells in the human body?

nerve cells and muscle cells Somatic cells are the body cells excluding the reproductive cells

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