What is charge on our body?

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I assume that 'charge' refers to the build up of static electricity. Walk across a nylon carpet and touch someone, and a spark of static electricity will give both of you a shock.

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Q: What is charge on our body?
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What kind of charge will a uncharged body develop when a positively charged body is brought in contact?

Negative charge.

If an electrically uncharged body is contacted by an electrically charge bodythe uncharged body will?

If an electrically uncharged body is contacted by an electrically charge body then the uncharged body will gain a charge. This is because electricity flows from a higher concentration to a lower concentration and will balance out.

How does a body become positively charged?

To charge it positively placed a negatively charge body near it. The positive charge of the sphere is attracted near to the surface close to the negatively charge body. To make it completely positive just earth it (by touching it). This process is known as induction. To charge a body negatively is similar to the aforementioned method.

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How do you charge a body negatively?

by killing it

How can an atom have no charge if it is composed of charged particles?

The cells in your body are in charge of your atoms.

Can you charge your body cells?

If the cells of the body are metaphorically compared to rechargeable electric batteries, then what you do to charge them is to eat food; they run on nutrients.

What is your brain in charge off?

The brain is actually in charge of many parts of the body. According my research, the brain is mainly in charge of sending messages to other parts of the body via nerves.

What is the value of charge of a body that carries 20 excess electrons?

The body should have a charge of -20 (negative 20; one negative charge per electron). However such a species will be generally unstable unless there is a big charge separation.

Who is in charge of a body before a funeral?


What is the use of gold leaf electroscope?

to determine if there is a charge on an object/ body or not and what kind of charge as well.

What is the right half of the brain in charge of?

The right half of the brain is in charge of the left side of the body.

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