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His time spent with his parents, his aunt, and Elizabeth.

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Q: What is ciel phantomhives earliest human memory?
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How was Ciel Phantomhives soul stolen?

Ciel and Sebastian were under contact to one another, but during the end battle of Season 1 Sebastian's arm containing the seal was torn off. Season 1 ends with us assuming that Sebastian devours Ciel's soul. However it is later discovered in Season 2 that because the arm containing Sebastian's half of the seal was removed, this voided their contact. Another demon named Claude was able to move in and take Ciel's soul before Sebastian could consume it.

Is ciel phantomhive a demon?

At the end of Black Butler Season 2, Ciel does become a demon. However, in the Manga so far he has remained human.

Does ciel phantomhive die in black butler?

In the anime Ciel Phantomhive dies as a human on August 26th, 1889; having aged 13 years. But he remains alive as a demon. At this point, he has not died in the manga, and remains human.

Did Ciel die?

At the end of Season 2 Ciel does die as a human, and becomes a demon. HOWEVER, most fans are considering it to be an 'alternate universe', since Ciel is still very much alive in the ongoing Manga, and is alive in Season 3.

Is ciel a girl?

No, Ciel is male.

What is a ciel?

'Ciel' is the french word for 'Sky'.

Who was the mother of ciel?

Ciel's mother was Rachel Phantomhive.

What happened to Ciel?

Ciel Phantomhive reborns into a demon.

Why did Ciel kill himself?

Ciel didn't kill himself.

What happens to Ciel Phantomhive?

Ciel Phantomhive reborns into a demon.

When was CIEL-FM created?

CIEL-FM was created in 1947.

Why does Ciel phantomhive wear an eyepatch?

He wers one because under it is his other colored eye that has the symbol of a human and demon making a contract. Ciel made a contract with the demon Subastian and that's how his eye has that symbol.

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