Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Kuroshitsuji, known as Black Butler in English is a Manga and Anime created by Yana Toboso. It is set in Victorian England, and centralizes around the demon butler Sebastian Michaelis and his contract to serve young Ciel Phantomhive, the head of the noble family, and owner of the Funtom toy company. A wide array of characters, both human and supernatural make appearances; including other demons, grim reapers, and angels.

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Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

What is the ending theam song of black butler?

The first one is called I'm alive by becca and the second is called Lacrimosa Kalafina.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Who is the voice actor for grell sutcliff?

He is voiced by Jun Fukuyama in the Japanese version and Daniel Fredrick in the English dub.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

What is William T Spears middle name?

To the best of my knowledge, his middle name hasn't been released.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Where does Black Butler take place?


Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

In black butler the show is there any gayness?

Nothing is actually shown that's "gay" but Grell is gay or at least bisexual and constantly hits on the other male adults, especially Sebastian.

There are 'yaoi' undertones between various characters either through actions or comments made. But, nothing 'gay' takes place sexually.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Is grell from kuroshitsuji a boy or a girl?

Grell is a man, however, he would rather be a woman. He also calls himself 'woman' and he prefers others to call him 'she'.

But he definitely is a man.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Will there be a black butler season 2?

There is a second season called Kuroshitsuji 2. It streams on starting on episode 26.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

When will Black Butler II come out dubbed?

Black Butler season 2 will be released in the United States on DVD with English Dubbed versions, plus OVAs on April 3rd, 2012.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

How many episodes of black butler are there?

The anime series "Black Butler" has 43 episodes .

Season 1 - 24 episodes

Season 2- 12 episodes



There is now an 10 episode long third series and a two part movie/OVA

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Is kuroshitsuji season 3 real?

Probably not. Seeing as how our main character's have died chances of them coming back is very, very slim. Though we all thought Sebastian took Ciel's soul in ep 24 of season 1 right? Yana Toboso can be unpredictable...but season 3 doesn't sound too likely.

But there will be more OVAs and exclusives (such as His Butler In Wonderland)


Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Where can you watch Black Butler Season 2 for free?


Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

What episode on black butler did ciel pull a gun on Sebastian?

Ciel did not pull a gun on Sebastian, but in the manga Ciel pulled the gun on him,

volume 3, chapter 14 page 6.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

What does the undertaker call ciel in black butler?

Undertaker calls Ciel by his title 'Earl'.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Who plays the voice of Angela from black butler?

Angela is voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard .

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

What are the names of the black butler characters?

Here's a kind of general list;

Ciel Phantomhive

Sebastian Michaelis









Madame Red

Elizabeth Middleford



Prince Soma


Grim Reapers:

Grell Sutcliff


William T. Spears

Ronald Knox

Noah's Ark Circus:


Baron Kelvin









Viscount of Druitt


Queen Victoria

Fred Aberline



Double Charles

Earl Charles grey

Sir Randell

Season two:

Alois Trancy

Claude Faustus

Hannah Annafellows

Triplets - Timber, Canterbury and Thompson

And side characters.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

How old is alois in black butler II?

He is 14 years old.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Does ciel die in black butler?

So it would seem. But SUPRISE theres a second season.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Where can you watch black butler English dubbed on iPod touch?

on hulu under black butler.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

What is black butler season 2 about?

An Earl like Ciel, Alois Trancy, had made a similar contract with a demon named Claude Faustus. Claude had stolen Ciel's soul after Sebastian's arm was cut off in the last episode of season I, breaking Ciel and Sebastian's contract. So, Ciel's soul was open to take. Claude had then put Ciel's soul in the Phantomhive family ring, storing it beneath the Trancy manor (in the basement storage) in a New Moon Drop tea box.

Alois had let Sebastian into the manor, not knowing who he was. Sebastian took Ciel's soul and resurrected him. Until the end, it is a constant battle between the two demons for Ciel's soul. The ending is rather surprising...

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

How old is grell sutcliff?

Grell Sutcliff's exact age is unknown. Grell takes his reaping exam in 1799, and appears as half of Jack the Ripper in 1888, so he is well over the age of 89. However, Yana Toboso has written that he looks as if he is around the age of 29.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Will there be a season 3 of black butler?

there's no season 3 you watch the last episode in season 2, you can understand the story already...

(im a different person)

on the contrary, there is another season. i have a friend who has seen the first five episodes, and they are still making more. funimation should have them up in youtube soon. and if you have seen the 25th episode in the first season, after the credits it has the trailer for the so called new series called "black sushi chef" apparently THAT is the third season. I still have yet to find the website that has it! :)

-oh and that season still has all the same characters in it :)

[different person]

wrong. that is not another season and there is not one. i feel like if there ever will be, and there are rumors, it will be in yearss. it is an anime so actors dont really age. maybe theyre pick it up in 10 years? i hope? we can wait :P

black sushi chef was a spoof commercial 2 minutes long.

and the other 5 episodes are OVAs[?] or something, just unrelated episodes that have nothing to do with the story..

~Another person~

Well, on the last episode of BB2, I was searching through the comments, and a person has said that there WILL be a season 3, but it depends on what the fans say; Continue the series with Sebastian teaching Ciel demon ways? Or a new butler and master? However, I am not 100% sure how true this is, but since I am a HUGE fan of BB, I keep my hopes high that there WILL be a 3rd season.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Where can I watch Black Butler OVA His Butler Performs?

go on will be a list on your left, scroll down till u c kuroshitsuji, clik on it. there will be a list of episodes, scroll down and ull find the ova

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Does ciel hate elizabeth in black butler?

He doesn't hate her, but he does think she is annoying at times. They spent much of their childhood together, so it is fact that he at least likes her as a friend. Not to mention he does care for her quite a bit, but its not clear whether he truly loves her and wants to marry her or not.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

What episode of Kuroshitsuji does Pluto come in?

Pluto first appears in episode 7.

Black Butler (Anime and Manga)

Is the undertaker taller then William in kuroshitsuji?

No, William is taller than Undertaker. William is around 6' tall, and Undertaker is probably about 5'10" (keep in mind that Undertaker does wear high heeled boots).


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