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What is class code 10073 for general liability insurance?


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10073-0-Automobile Repair or Service Shops

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A contractor buys Commercial General liability insurance in the appropriate contractor class, not professional liability. The amount needed is determined by the exposures presented or the amount specified by the employer.

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General Liability Insurance is what is needed for the Class Facility or Premises location where the classes are held. General Liability Insurance provides coverage for slip and fall and other premise related claims.Professional Liability Insurance should be obtained for the Instructors. Professional Liability provides coverage for claims related to malpractice and competency of the professional instructor.Answerschools

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Inspection and Appraisal 96317 Companies-Inspecting for Insurance or Valuation Purposes - Products - completed operations for this classification are subject to the General Aggregate Limit

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A building does not get a CGL class code whether Vacant or not. The class code is determined by the industry classification or nature of the business being insured. Not by the occupancy status of the building.

Class code 91585 is contractors - subcontracted work - in connection with building construction, reconstruction, repair or erection - buildings. There are also several sub codes under this.

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Class code 91341 is Carpentry Interior/Finish. No structural carpentry with this code.

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