What is clay used for?

clay can make pots and lots more things just by shapping it
Ceramic materials, making pottery items, clay tablets, bricks, cooking pots, art objects, dishware, musical instruments, paper making, cement production, chemical filtering, tobacco, pottery, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials, adsorbents, soil conditioners, nutraceuticals, mineral supplements, water filtration, environmental remediation, pond liners.

jugs bowls chimney pots and surprisingy, some beauty products
A lot of commonly used object are made from clay, and they can range from household items to commercial items. For example; plates, cups, vases.
Clay has a highly diversified usage, its most important in pottery, bricks, for the producing of ceramics, pots, and other utensils. Clay is also a good material for arts and craft, building and sculpture designs. Its also an important raw materials for cememt manufacturing companies, constructing works and sites amongs many others.
Clay can be used for sculpture or industry; and can be found in brooks, streams, moist areas and forests.