What is cloud nine bath salt?

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Its A Chemical MDPV or Mephedrone That Is Packaged And Sold, Usually In 500 MG Containers Or Bags In Some Smoke Shops Depending On If They Are Legal In That State Or Not. Cloud Nine Is The Brand. They Are Called Bath Salts Because These Chemicals Are Only Legal In The US If They Are Not Meant For Human Consumption. But They Are Intended To Be Ingested To Produce A High Very Similiar To Coke Or Meth.
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What do bath salts do?

There are many things that bath salts do. Bath salts is incredibly beneficial for your skin, your mood, your overall health and your lifestyle. If you want to learn more. check the link i found. http://www.sfbsc.com/bath-salt

What is bath salts?

1-The English phrase 'bath salts' means a preparation that softens or scents a bath 2-A term for DANGEROUS Drugs THAT EVERY PARENT needs to know about. They come in little packets saying they are bath salts and are legal to get on line but it can be as deadly as speed or cocaine or pcp. And it can ( Full Answer )

Are bath salts really salt and how do you smoke them?

No, they aren't salt, and no, you don't smoke them (well you can, but that's not how they are usually used). You snort them or main line them. No, I don't recommend it at all, and yes, I have done it. If you don't want to be able to sleep for days, want to feel like sh t after the first 30 minutes, ( Full Answer )

What salt is in bath salt and toothpast?

Bath salts are mostly magnesium sulfate and sodium chloride. . Toothpaste is generally sodium fluoride or sodium monofluorophosphate

Which kind of salt is in bath salts and toothpaste?

1. Toothpaste may contain salts as sodium chloride, sodiumfluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium pyrophosphate etc. 2. Bath salts contain sodium chloride, magnesium sulfate, borax,sodium bicarbonate etc.

Is there salt in clouds?

There may be minute quantities (as in the tiniest possible amount) of salt in clouds, but they are made of water and any salt present would be undetectable.

What is the active ingredient in cloud nine bath salt?

It is a stimulant consisting of a powder of very diluted MDPV(Methylenedioxypyrovalerone.) I'd be extremely careful in dosing,as the normal dose for MDPV is 2-3mg's max for a first timer, and imean space that dosage out, trust me. Cloud nine's net weight is250mg. Contains enough powder for 4 people ( Full Answer )

What is in cloud 9 bath salt?

cloud 9 bath salt is a synthetic version of cocain or meth iv heard it works really good it gets you goin for hours and hours but may have sum bad effects the news say

Is cloud 9 bath salt a type of drug?

yes,its mephadrone,similar to methamphetamine. True but Cloud 9 and other brands of bath salt did use methadrone. There are similar research chemicals that are legal. Methadrone is scheduled which means its illegal regardless but your close.

Can I pass a drug test on cloud 9 high quality bath salts to what drug?

I took a drug test for the 9th judicial court system, A standard 5 panel drug screen (the drug test was stored and sent to a lab for a urinalysis) and i failed after using cloud 9 for amphetamines, so the answer is no you cannot pass a drug test if it is being sent to a lab, if use a taking a drug t ( Full Answer )

What is White Cloud bath salt?

i know i know what this new craze is about white cloud bath salt i know what it is. it is (BATH SALT)

Can you die from cloud 9 bath salts?

It is a substance that is sold as a "bath salt", however it is used to get high. It is a legal version of PCP. This stuff is very bad.

What is Revlon's bath salt for?

I don't believe Revlon makes bath salt anymore (in North America, anyway) but bath salts are used to make bath water feel silkier and sometimes add color or fragrance to it. Some bath salts have minerals in them to benefit your skin.

What is rave on bath salt?

Frankly, bath salts have nothing to do with RAVE culture, Actually most of the Herbal High companies around the world have used this cover-up to supply chemicals such as MDPV, 4MMC ( Mephedrone ), 2-CP, ETHCATHINONE Etc. which belong to the Amphetamine Family of chemicals and mimic the effect of Ext ( Full Answer )

Where to get white rush bath salt?

at your local head shop. Many other brands of bath salt for a rec high. Very addictive from experience not reccomended

What is wrong with snorting bath salt?

Bath Salts is just a normal thing you use in your bath. It may be just going in your bath but if you snort it you will make you go crazy & eat someone.. DONT DO IT

What is in rave on bath salts?

mdpv was in it but now they changed it to bull crap do u know where to get the old stuff.

How long does cloud 9 bath salt stay in your system?

Today was my first and last time trying Cloud 9. I am very experienced from a drug perspective, however; this high lasted longer and was more intense than, cocaine and methamphetamine. My high lasted 5 hours after inhaling 2 small bumps. Trust me, don't do it. I am so blessed not to have ended up in ( Full Answer )

What are the withdrawal symptoms of bath salt?

Bath salts can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and extreme psychosis that can become permanent or last for weeks, months, or years. No one yet knows if the effects can come back after disappearing like with acid. My brother is one of the unfortunate who may not recover. He has had psychosis for over ( Full Answer )

Can you smoke bath salt?

You could put up a few pounds of epsom salts (or other bath salts) in a real good smoker, and let them sit at about 180F for 10 or 12 hours over a slow fire of hickory or mesquite, and get a nice, even smoke flavor you can't get from a can... Using that salt -- you'd smell delightfully like BBQ, whi ( Full Answer )

Why is bolivian bath called bath salt?

It is a synthetic cocaine Having the same effect anyway as meth /coke depending on the constantly changing chemichals in the product (over 40) known as cathinone/mephadrone/and other RCA's. But the product is labeled thusly to make the product enticing. ya know like pure Bolivian cocaine .

What does bath salt do to the body when you snored it?

well if you do the right bath salt you will get a high. it is very dangerous though. i tryed it three time. the first 2 times i loved it. but the 3rd time (yesterday) i guess i did to much but i pretty much tripped out. and my step mom rushed me to the er. i had to wait there til i was sober. i have ( Full Answer )

Can you inject tranquility bath salt?

No. Wrong answer ...the question here is " CAN you inject Tranquility bath salt?"... not " SHOULD you inject the salt". People, here is the TRUE; to my very core (and having just tried some myself> by injection); answer to this simple question... YES!!

How do you stop bath salt effects?

you cant buddy no one can its bad but you just have to stay up for about 24 - 48 hrs or more depending on how much you did or how your body reacts to it ..... i cant sleep and work is coming again .. its o k though tough that crap out and never touch that ballyhoo again . like me don't do it ever ag ( Full Answer )

What is known about rave on bath salt?

Ivory Bath salts are thought to contain MPDV, this is a strong stimulant that people may compare to xtc. Ravers use it to trip hard.

What is bath salt made of?

Bath salts the drug? if so it is made up of coicane cooked with LSD into a crystal which resembles bath salts ( the kind you buy at stores)

Can snorting bath salt kill you?

Yes they certainly can. Bath salts were intended to scent bath water not smoke, inject, snort, or any other way that leads to bodily ingestion. Two weeks ago a normally healthy 21 yr old female choose to try the latest trend. She injected bath salts using a needle after a friend who had hepatitis ( Full Answer )

Does cloud 9 bath salt show up in drug test?

At the moment, it probably doesn't, though this could change at any time. As soon as enough people start using it to make it worthwhile developing a test for it, then yes, it will show up.

What can happen if you overdose on bath salts?

Overdosing on bath salts can often lead to death. Since there is no specific method on making the drug you can overdose with the same amount and the same brand not knowingly. If you overdose you will either end up dead or in the emergency room, no doubt.

What in bath salt gets you high?

It depends on the bath salt. You are likely thinking about the bath salts that produce a meth-like high. These contain a chemical called MDVP (Methylenedioxypyrovalerone). Bath salts Dont get you high, but a product Called Ivory Wave which was sold as bath salts (Much like how mephedrone was sold ( Full Answer )

How can you detox from bath salts?

You can't really. Your liver and kidneys do a really good job of removing any toxins that are the result of poor diet or environmental conditions. But none of these toxins can be removed through the skin (if they could be, you'd end up really ill after every time you took a bath, since other useful ( Full Answer )

What is Snow White bath salts?

Snow White bath salts is a mixture of psychoactive chemicals; thisis a dangerous product. See the link below.

Can you get a high from injecting bath salts?

It is dangerous to inject the bath salts because of not knowing the ingredients. I have heard of people doing it but it needs to be soluable in water. most are. get some at pushnpullherbals. most legal bath salts are not any more than fake, I know pushit up aromatherapy is good plus they got many ot ( Full Answer )

What are sideeffects of bath salt?

There aren't really any side effects to using it in fact most bath salts have multiple uses just be careful not to eat it because it is also used as a laxative

Can you mix Fentanyl and bath salts?

The best place I can think of to get your answer, is going to a pharmacy and asking a pharmacist. They are required to know more about chemicals and meds than doctors.

What ingredients are in Rave On bath salt?

Rave on bath salt is a research chemical based product in which users to get high. This particular brand includes the chemicals MDPV AND 4-FMC (4-FLOUROMETHCATHINONE). this product is very dangerous and very addictive. Has the effects of speed and extasy.some describe as dymthetic methamphetamine. U ( Full Answer )

How long is withdrawal from bath salts?

Days to weeks depending on usage. Lots of sleep, water and food will help. GET PROFESSIONAL HELP. As an addict myself, I can tell you you won't get through it alone. Save what you have left--right now.

What salt is in bath salts?

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How can you freebase bath salts?

The same way you free base anything else. But its recomended you don't or you'll end up eating a bums face or tossing your intestines at cops. True talk, google it. Miami zombie

Do people inject bath salt?

Yes, some do. They mix it up and inject it. However, these are not actual bath salts, but a misbranded narcotic. This is a very dangerous substance which has led to bizarre behavior, violence, and even amputations. A woman injected this stuff and lost her arm to a flesh-eating bacteria. A man using ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of bath salts on pregnancy?

None. There are many myths about home made pregnancy tests but they are all fake and does not work. Bath salt can not pick up on pregnancy hormones in urine. If you wonder if you can put bath salt in the tub while pregnant - yes you can.

Were to buy cloud 9 bath salts?

One can purchase Cloud 9 bath salts over the internet. However, these bath salts are actually drugs that can have dangerous and even deadly side effects. Many states are outlawing the sales of this product, and it is not wise to use 'bath salts' to get high.