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What is colonial life?

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colonilal life was with a lot of people

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How old does a colonial person has to be to be a colonial in colonial life?

colonial medicine

What was colonial life like in the south?

colonial life was like a stopid country

How was life like for a priest in Colonial times?

how was life like for colonial priests/preachers

What does a colonial life Smithy do?

it is a colonial life meaning for a perosn, and a long life person... actully.............. i dont know, so listen to this.

What was the life of the slaves on the colonial society in America?

slaves colonial society

How was Indiana's colonial life?

Indiana's colonial life was sexy and nude. people had sex in public. it was awsome. :D

Where is the headquarters of the Colonial Life Insurance Company located?

The main headquarters for the Colonial Life Insurance company is located in Columbia, South Carolina at 1200 Colonial Life Boulevard West, zip code 29210.

What did the colonial life eat?

they eat

How did colonial life take shape?


How is colonial life different from English life?

There's no difference

Who bought colonial life insurance company?

If you are talking about the Colonial Life Assurance association in Australia, it was the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. in 1999.

What was the way of life of the people in colonial New York?

same as it was for all colonial people

People in colonial Pennsylvania?

they had a hard life.

How was life in colonial north carolina?


What was life like for colonial woman?


What was daily life like for a colonial gunsmith?


What was life like for the colonial children?


What was life like in Colonial America?

Life in colonial America was very simple. Everyday life included things like, farming, outhouses, candles for light, and cooking on an open fire.

How was life as a colonial grocer?

Life as a colonial grocer was really good. The grocer typically had a nice place to live, and was able to make money year round.

What was social life like in colonial Delaware?

Social life in Colonial Delaware was a lot different than it is today. Some social activities that colonial people enjoyed were barn raising parties, quilting bees, and berry picking.

What was life like as a colonial merchant?

they hunted aliens

Daily life of the women in colonial Pennsylvania?

it was hard

What were houses made of in colonial life?

Concrete & rebar

What was a shipbuilder's life like in colonial times?

It was horrible

How was colonial family life in Delaware?

cheese balls