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Comparative negligence works by assesing a percentage of negligence to all involved parties in an accident. Let's say an accident occurs with two totalled cars and some medical bills. One party has $100,000 in total damages and was was found to be 10% at fault for the accident.The other person was deemed to be 90% negligent. The person with only 10% negligence could collect $90,000, or 90% of the total value of their claim/damage from the other party.

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Q: What is comparable negligence auto insurance?
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Would auto insurance cover the damage costs for a DUI accident?

Yes your auto Insurance will typically have to pay for your acts of negligence, Such as driving while intoxited, They may then cancel your policy due to your negligence.

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( maybe it will help you

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How do you determine the value of scarring due to the negligence of another person in an accident when reporting it to the insurance company?

If someone is seeking damages from an injury as a result of an auto accident and they are not satisfied with the offer from the insurance company I would suggest that a lawyer be consulted.

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