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the mini pill only contains progestin, while the other pills contain both estrogen and progestin.

A popular mini pill brand is Micronor. Women with high blood pressure or predisposition to heart attacks and the like are usually prescribed the mini pill. Another major difference between POPs and Combination Pills is that the mini pill does not include a week of placebo pills; each mini pill contains the same dosage of progestin and must be taken continuously around the same time each day. If you are even three hours late taking the mini pill, your chances for pregnancy are drastically increased. In cases like that, it is recommended you use a back-up method in addition to continuing your pill regimin for at least 5 days. Taking combination pills at EXACTLY the same time each day is not as crucial.

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Q: What is considered a birth control mini-pill and how does it differ from other birth control pills?
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What are Examples of birth control methods that contain estrogen?

Combined hormonal birth control methods -- those that contain estrogen -- include the regular birth control pill (but not the minipill or progestin-only pill), the ring, and the patch.

What is considered a minipill and how is it different from other birth control pills?

A mini pill is different from the combination birth control pill. The mini pill only contains small amount of one hormone which prevents pregnancy from occurring and doesn't interfere with the working of your ovaries. The birth control pill contains progesterone which the mini pill doesn't and interferes in the working of your ovaries by preventing a egg being released and also preventing you from ovulation as well as protecting you from pregnancy.

Is an IUD considered a form of birth control?

yes it is one of the many forms of birth control.

What Birth control has the fewest side effects?

Abstinence is the birth control with the fewest side effects. After that, probably condoms. When it comes to brands of hormonal birth control, the side effects differ from person to person. There's no one brand that is best for everyone.

How long does it take for the birth control pill to be 100 percent effective?

Birth control pills can never be considered 100% effective, im 12 and i no that

My friend wants to get pregnant and her doctor told her to take her base temperature and an ovulation test while on birth control not a minipill will it have an accurate reading of ovulation?

Follow the doctor's advice exactly. If you are confused, ask the doctor again--or see another doctor.

What is considered 'perfect' and 'typical' use of the nuvaring?

What is considered 'perfect' and 'typical' use of the nuvaring is for birth control or a contraceptive.

Can you get pregnant if the birth control pill is preventing your period?

Birth control pills are considered very reliable. As long as you take them on time there is very little chance of you becoming pregnant.

Is Ginette 35 an effective birth control?

Yes, Ginette 35 is an effective birth control. It is considered to be a contraception and in order for it to work properly, you must take the pill daily.

Do jehovahs witness believe in birth control?

The use of most forms of birth control are not forbidden. Birth control to prevent pregnancies is a personal choice. "Morning after" type of birth control is not considered acceptable or compatible with guidelines in the Bible. Jehovah's Witnesses do believe that anything that intentionally kills an unborn child is murder.

What all does birth control do?

control birth

What are two methods of birth control that are considered to be highly effective?

the two method of birth control that are considered effectively are always take the medicine like the pills and other medicine that will gave you to prevent the girls to pregnant already.And also use a condom when you are six together your husband.

If on birth control can you still get pregnant?

Yes, you can. While birth control is reliable, there is no birth control that is 100% effective.

Is vaccine a useful method for birth control?

Birth control vaccines don't exist, but you can get birth control shots.

What will they ask when getting birth control?

i first got my birth control at tapestry health clinic. the reason i got it was because i had unprotected sex and wasnt sure if i was pregnant. first i got Plan B, or the morning after pill. shortly i went back and asked to get on birth control. they ask you questions about what kind of birth control you want, the pill, the ring, or patches...etc. they also ask why you and it and personal questions about your partner(s). they ask about your period and tell you when to start taking it and if you have any questions. this may differ if you go to your doctor for birth control.

What does birth control do to your hormones?

Birth control is what is used to prevent unintended pregnancy, there are multiple different types of birth control that work in different ways, it is ignorant to say 'birth control' to mean one specific type of birth control. Without knowing what type of birth control you're referring to we cannot answer your question - some birth control does absolutely nothing to your hormones, some birth control completely shuts down your hormones.

What is the earliest age that taking birth control would be considered okay?

In theory, anytime after menstruation has begun.

How late can you take a birth control pill?

If you are on the combination birth control pill, containing both estrogen and progestin, it's not critical that you take the pill at the same time each day. In contrast, if you are taking the progestin-only pill, or minipill, you should use a back up method of birth control (like condoms or abstinence from vaginal sex) if you are late by more than three hours. If you're not sure which type you're taking, contact your pharmacist or health care providfer to clarify. See related link for evidence-based information on "how late is too late."

What if you take the birth control pill more than three hours late?

If you're on the progestin only pill ("minipill", such as Micronor, NoreBe, or Cerazette), you should use a backup method of birth control if you're more than three hours late. Us the backup method for the next two days after the late pill (or 14 days if you took ulipristal for emergency contraception). If you're on the combination (regular) birth control pill, you don't need to worry about a backup method unless you're more than 24 hours late.

What do yasmin pills do?

Ysmin is a name for birth control. Yasmin is a name for birth control.a birth control pill

Enumerate the contraceptive used in birth control?

"Contraceptive" and "birth control" are synonymous. All contraceptives are methods of birth control.

What is the best birth control pill for weight loss?

Birth control is not for weight control.

Can you take birth control to delay period if you're not on birth control?

You shouldn't be taking birth control if you're not prescribed it. Birth control pills don't stop periods, they stop pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant by taking birth control?

No, birth control is intended to prevent pregnancy. You can become pregnant while on birth control, as no method is 100% effective, but it isn't the birth control that makes you pregnant.

Can you stop being pregnant with birth control?

No. Birth control is intended to prevent pregnancy only. Birth control does not stop an existing pregnancy. It is not safe to take birth control while you are pregnant.