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cancer or any other terminal disease. not sure about chronic health problems like Diabetes or high blood pressure. From a tactical perspective, any illness that the insurance company has determined will likely cost them more money than they can make on premiums. There are some illnesses that they think are more costly but they can offer coverage profitably if they offer you a higher premium. A quick review of 'Declinable Conditions' (those that will result in an automatic decline under all circumstances) from Blue Cross of CA is about 120 items. There are probably another 100 conditions that they may choose to deny coverage depending on severity. As for the answer above, insulin dependent diabetes is almost always a decline, high blood pressure will generally be declined only if it is uncontrolled.

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Is premature birth a preexisting condition?

No, premature birth is not at all a preexisting condition. Premature birth becomes imminent when the doctor thinks the condition of both mother and child would be safe to allow premature birth. In this way it will not be considered as a preexisting condition while applying for Medical insurance.

What is the meaning of pre existing?

Preexisting means something that already exists, or exists before this point. For example a preexisting condition in relation to medical insurance is an illness that you have before you take out the insurance.

If you are informed you need a follow-up medical test shortly after starting on a new insurance plan can the insurance company claim you have a preexisting condition?

Yes, putting prejudice aside, facts are facts. If there is medical documentation from the past showing a condition, that is considered "pre-existing"

Are mamagrams considered pre existing condition?

No, a mammogram is a test used to check for breast cancer, it is not a condition at all. Preexisting conditions are medical conditions you had prior to entering a health plan such as hypertension or diabetes.A mammogram is a test, not a condition as stated. To deny someone medical insurance stating that the mammogram they had was a preexisting condition is just a way these health insurance plans try to reduce the amount they have to pay on claims only wanting you to pay into them.

What is considered psychiatric preexisting condition?

Most medical conditions that you've been diagnosed with prior to applying for the insurance will be considered pre-existing. If you've been seeing a psychiatrist before or during the application process, it will be considered pre-existing.

What do medical insurance companies consider when determining your premium?

Preexisting medical conditions.

What is the medical term meaning preexisting medical condition?

status preexista status praesens ( is the present state, condition)

Is preexisting the correct spelling?

"Preexisting" : a condition or state which preceded another. (sometimes appears hyphenated as 'pre-existing') A "preexisting condition" : A status for medical afflictions that were already affecting a patient before the beginning of the current (or future) medical coverage or treatment.

Are gallstones a preexisting condition?

If you were diagnosed with gallstones prior to applying for insurance, or if you knew you had gallstones during the underwritng process, then it is considered pre-existing. This rule applies to most medical conditions which existed before the application process.

What are the benefits of getting Gap Medical Insurance?

Gap health insurance can be beneficial if a preexisting condition exists. It is also helpful in the event of emergencies during which for whatever reason health coverage has lapsed.

Is infertility considered preexisting?

any medical condition that you received medical treatment, including prescription medications may be considered pre existing depending on the wording of your pre existing clause of your insurance. There must be a valid medical diagnosis attached to your medical services. New insurance companies will pend all claims for new insured and send questionaires to all previous treating physicians to check on reasons for being seen.

How long do you have to wait for a second normal pap smear to obtain medical insurance?

Since the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare") there are no longer "preexisting condition" restrictions allowed on health insurance. A history of an abnormal pap smear should not affect your ability to get insurance. If it is, contact your state's Department of Insurance for information.

Would a condition be considered preexisting if you have never been treated for it but you may have had it without knowing?

A condition is considered pre-existing only if confirmed and diagnosed by a Medical provider. You may think you have high blood pressure for example, and you may have, but until diagnosed by a doctor it's not considered a fact.

Can you add your pregnant girlfriend to your medical mutual insurance?

No. First your girlfriend cannot be an insured on your medical insurance because she has no legal rights as she is not a family member. Read your policy and you will see who is allowed to be an insured on your policy. Secondly, even if she was your legal spouse the pregnancy is a preexisting condition and would not be covered anyway.

Can I be denied health insurance due to preexisting medical conditions if my job switches health insurance carriers?

No, because group insurance is normally guaranteed-issue, so they have to insurance no matter what conditions you have.

Can you get car insurance if you have a medical condition?


Why does drinking rum cause spine pain?

It certainly shouldn't. That's some other preexisting medical condition.

What is a preexisting condition?

A pre-existing condition any medical condition that your have been diagnosed with, prior to the time of application. Some pre-existing conditions can cause an applicant to be declined coverage. Other conditions may cause the insurance company to place a "rider" on the condition, meaning they would not cover the condition itslef but will still offer coverage to you.

What insurance company will provide medical coverage for a person with lupus?

The Affordable Care Act, if it is upheld by the courts, makes certain changes in the ability for insurers to exclude applicants from coverage based upon certain preexisting conditions. Normally, there are preexisting condition exclusions in private health insurance policies. These exist so as to allow insurers to maintain a balance between the cost (premiums) for insurance relative to the magnitude of the risk assumed.

How do you determine a preexisting condition?

A preexisting condition refers to a medical condition that you had before you applied for new medical health care.Let's say you got a new job that had health care benefits that you would receive after thirty days on the job. For example, if you had already been diagnosed with Diabetes, high blood pressure, back injuries, ulcers or Cancer and they didn't find these out during your pre-job physical (in which case, they probably wouldn't have hired you), these are considered preexisting illnesses, and the insurance company can refuse to treat these diseases or they can make you pay full price for you prescriptions and they can make you wait up to nine months before they will pay for the treatments of these illnesses. This is the case also if you are disabled and unemployed and you apply for health insurance and you don't qualify for SSI, they can make you wait for up to nine months before paying for the treatments for your major illnesses.

Is implanting stints a preexisting condition if there was no heart attack?

I think most insurance companies would consider this a pre-ex. It is still a required procedure for treatment of a medical condition. What they extend the pre-ex clause to in terms of what they will or will not pay for is likely unique to the individual carrier and their guidelines.

Does medical insurance pay for transportation to work when cannot drive due to medical condition?

If you fell ill or met an accident during transportation to work and are already covered under medical insurance,there is no reason why you will not get benefit under medical insurance. Your inability to drive due to medical condition needs detailed explanation as this may be a parameter in your getting benefits under medical insurance.

If you break your nose before you get health insurance where can you get insurance to help cover the costs?

Any medical condition that happens prior to you applying for the medical insurance is going to be considered a pre-existing condition. If you're applying for individual insurance, most likely the condition will not be covered but possibly medication for the condition would be covered. If you're applying for group insurance, you can check with the benefits administrator at your job to see how pre-existing conditions are covered in the policy, reason being because individual and group policies differ in coverage.

IS the medical condition atttention deficit a high risk for medical insurance?

I'm guessing no.

If you lost a job that had no medical insurance would a job that your 5 month pregnant wife is about to start be covered?

More and more insurances are beginning to cover pregnancy that is pre-existing. The only way to find out for sure is ask the insurance or the company that she is going to work for should have someone that knows the insurance plans. * In a group insurance plan, pregnancy cannot be considered a preexisting condition. Here is a link to the federal law.