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being able to see a mole on a knats back from 100 yards away 20/20 is best but you can go a little higher or lower on each eye and still have decent eye sighting.

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Q: What is considered good vision?
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Is 60-64 vision considered bad?

no it's good but not perfect

Do cicadas have vision?

Yes, the cicada does have vision and in fact has very good vision. This insect has a good wide peripheral vision.

Do skunks have good vision?

skunks do have poor vision. But good hearing.

Do butterflies have good vision?

Butterflies have good vision that's how they can see their predators

Is 30-30 vision considered bad?

30/30 vision is merely equal to 20/20 vision.

What is the vision of Skype?

The vision of Skype is very good

How good is an elephants vision?

They have poor vision. But they have very good hearing and sense of smell.

Do snowy owls have good vision?

All owls have good vision, especially at night.

What vitamin helps vision and skin?

Vitamin A is good for vision. Vitamin E is good for skin.

How good is a rhinos vision?

Rhinos have very poor vision

What is a good sentence for vision?

When I woke up my vision was blurry.

How good is a parrots vision?

Being birds, parrots have extremely good vision. Easily 2 to 3 times better than human vision.

Is 20-70 vision considered bad?

Yes, I have 20/50 vision and I have to wear glasses.

Will LASIK produce perfect vision?

Patients who expect to see perfectly after LASIK are usually not considered good candidates because they usually are dissatisfied

How good is the jaguar's vision?

very good :)

Do owls have night vision?

owls have extraordinarily good night vision

Does medicaid cover eye glasses in Michigan?

Yes, but only if you are considered low vision (that does not mean blurred vision).

Is 20-400 eyesight considered legally blind or low-vision?

Legally blind.

Do corn snakes have good vision?

they have heat vision like the predator the film

Is a vision of 4040 good?

40/40 is used for drivers license exams & is essentially the same as 20/20, except the drivers license exams are set to 40 feet instead of 20.

Is 3.6 vision good?

If you are referring to a 3.6 prescription power, either -3.60 or +3.60, then no, neither is "good" as in clear vision.

Do dolphins have good vision?

not really

What is good to make your vision better?

Spinach is proven to be a vision godsend compared to carrots.

Do dogs have good vision?

dogs have good eye vision during night time like us humans Hope this Helped!!!

Why is eating carrots good for vision?

Carrots are rich in Vitamin A, which is related to vision, specifically to light absorption essentially to night vision.