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The stringed bass/upright bass has the lowest register in the string family. The cello is also a bass string instrument, though it's not as low as the bass.

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2011-03-26 16:53:18
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Q: What is considered to be the bass instrument in the string family?
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What is the lowest string instrument in an orchestra?

double bass from the string family

Is Double bass a string instrument?

The Double Bass is a string instrument. Other instruments in the orchestral family of string instruments are the violin, viola and cello.

What instrument family does the double bass belong?

String family of instruments.

Is Bass a string instrument?

Yes, a bass is a string instrument.

Which member has the lowest notes in the string family and why?

The string bass has the lowest pitch of any instrument in the string family.

What is the largest and the lowest instrument of the string family?

The largest, and thereby the lowest-pitched string instrument is the double bass.

What instrument family is the electric bass in?

The electric bass is in the string family. The qualification for being in the string family is the ability to produce sound through the vibration of strings.

Is a double bass a woodwind or brass or string?

A double bass is a stringed instrument, the largest of the violin family.

What instrument is the biggest number of the string family?

This is between the Bass, Harp and the Cello. :)

Is the double bass the highest or lowest string instrument?

The Double Bass is the lowest string instrument.

What is the larges string instrument?

The double bass, or string bass is the largest and lowest instrument of the string family. The double bass has rounded shoulders instead of square shoulders like the other string instruments. Because of its size, the player stands or sits on a high stool to play it.

Is the double bass a idiophone membranophone chrodophone or aerophone?

None, it is considered a string instrument.

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