What is convenience food?

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It is food that has been partially or even totally prepared by manufacturers. It has to undergoes some treatment/ processes..

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Q: What is convenience food?
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Related questions

Why do you use convenience food?

For convenience.

What do you call convenience foods like hamburgers?

Fast food is convenience food.

What is the role of convenience food in fast food operations?

The role of convenience food in fast food operations increases sales for a restaurant. Convenience foods are usually impulse buys.

What is convenience food and fresh food?

Convenience food is junk food or a preproccessed and packaged food. fresh is when the food was just picked and is directly from the source it came from.

Why is convenience food more expensive then fresh food?

Convenience food is expensive because the have to ship and pack many products

What are the advantages and disadvantages of convenience food?

One advantage of convenience food is that is it ready to eat. A disadvantage is that the food is unhealthy and processed.

What does convenience food contains?

Ans1>Convenience food contains chips, candy, ice-cream, packed food etc.

What are Examples of convenience food?

ready to cook food

Is cheese a convenience food?

Yes, It is

Advantages of convenience food?

The advantages of convenience food are that it is relatively cheap. Also, it saves time because it not need to be prepared.

Discuss in detail the role of convenience food in kitchen-?

The convenience food in the kitchen enable people to eat such food very quickly with little or no cooking.

Where should convenience food be stored?

Convenience food should be stored in either a cabinet that is cool and dry or in the refrigerator. The food should always be stored as directed on the container.

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