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What is convenience food?


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It is food that has been partially or even totally prepared by manufacturers. It has to undergoes some treatment/ processes..

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The role of convenience food in fast food operations increases sales for a restaurant. Convenience foods are usually impulse buys.

Convenience food is junk food or a preproccessed and packaged food. fresh is when the food was just picked and is directly from the source it came from.

Convenience food is expensive because the have to ship and pack many products

One advantage of convenience food is that is it ready to eat. A disadvantage is that the food is unhealthy and processed.

Ans1>Convenience food contains chips, candy, ice-cream, packed food etc.

The convenience food in the kitchen enable people to eat such food very quickly with little or no cooking.

The advantages of convenience food are that it is relatively cheap. Also, it saves time because it not need to be prepared.

Convenience food should be stored in either a cabinet that is cool and dry or in the refrigerator. The food should always be stored as directed on the container.

Convenience food are available at 7-11 stores and other supermarkets. Convenience food include frozen food including meat and vegetables, dry soups like instant noodles, canned goods, processed food and items with long shelf-life like milk and custards.

It helps to improve food color,textures and flavor.

The role of convenience food in the kitchen helps us have a quick bite when we are either late for work or are tired of cooking.

The modern lifestyle is all about convenience. Junk food is the epiphany of convenience, so it is very popular in modern lifestyle.

well one use of convience food would be for convience.

Ans1>There are many convenience products like tobacco, Malt beverage, Food items etc.

check anywhere to find out if this is healty for you

nope... your too fat for you XP

I personally shop at Food Lion because of the convenience in and the low prices they have.

The clue is in the name: convenience! If you are very busy, or can't be bothered to cook a 'proper' meal at home, or are travelling, a convenience food, such as a pie, or a bag of chips, etc. will stave off hunger quite nicely. Obviously, too much processed, convenience food (too much sugar and salt) instead of including it in a healthy diet of fruit and veg is bad. So moderation is called for.***************************************There are no plenty of advantages to eating convenience food likeheart failure successobesity becoming thinnerdeath life

Albert L. Wrisley has written: 'Food service customers in convenience stores' -- subject(s): Convenience foods, Convenience stores, Market surveys

Some of the pros of convenience food include that you spend less time shopping for groceries, planning meals, preparing meals, and have easier clean up so you spend less time in the kitchen. Convenience food has cons as well, including they are typically low in nutritional quality and they have added sugars.

People mainly prefer convenience food over cooking from scratch. The biggest reason is that it takes very little effort to prepare, compared to cooking fresh foods.

We offer an after school care program for the convenience of working parents. Even though a Big Mac is not a healthy dinner, I like the convenience of fast food. To avoid parking hassles and costs, many people enjoy the convenience of public transportation.

There a lot of vegetarian convenience foods.

well to be honest theres not point in using it Convenience.

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