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What is convergent evolution?

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Convergent evolution is when various species evolve similar solutions to similar evolutionary pressures, independently and often at different times in the earth's history. A good example is the Ichsyosaurous(swimming dinosaur), sharks, and dolphins. All of them evolved with a very similar torpedo shaped body. Another example is the eyes of octopi and humans. They are alike in structure and function.

The rare Tasmanian Beech tree is the only true deciduous tree in Australia, and was long thought to be a relative of the northern hemisphere species, but study of its DNA shows that its origions date back to the Gondwana-southern supercontinent. So, the leaf shedding strategy evolved seperately in both hemispheres, another example of convergent evolution.

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How do you use convergent evolution in a sentence?

Convergent evolution means that different species have evolved to do the same sort of thing. Those two animals show convergent evolution. Convergent evolution explains why they look so much alike.

Is human evolution convergent evolution?

No. You can't define the evolution of a single species as convergent. Rather convergent evolution is a comparison of the evolution of two or more groups of organism, which independently evolve similar adaptations. The evolution of birds, bats, and pterosaurs is an example of convergent evolution: in all three groups the forelimbs developed into wings.

How is convergent evolution related to analogous characters?

Most analogous structures are result of convergent evolution .

Two examples of convergent evolution among the Caminalcules?

2 examples of convergent evolution among caminacules

What are three patterns of evolution?

Divergent Evolution, Convergent Evolution, and Coevolution

What is the difference between evolution and convergent evolution?

Evolution is the general theory itself, by which organisms change and adapt over time. Convergent evolution is a specific proces in which similar traits appear in unrelated organisms. For example, insects and birds both have wings but the two evolved independent of each other. That's convergent evolution.

What is an example of convergent evolution in the tundra?

Convergent evolution is said to have occurred when species which are very different from one another have developed very similar traits. This type of evolution is said to happen as a result of having to adapt to specific environments, such as a tundra. An example of convergent evolution in the tundra is the arctic fox.

What evolution has produced many of the analogous structures in organisms today?

convergent evolution =)

The independent evolution of the advanced cephalopod eye and the eye of a vertebrate is know as?

convergent evolution

Related organisms become less alike by preditation adaptation convergent evolution or divergent evolution?

Divergent evolution.

When will convergent evolution occur?

It already has in some instances

Are seals and dolphins examples of convergent evolution?


Evolution that leads to similarities in different species?


What kind of features can convergent evolution lead to?


Is platypus an example of convergent evolution?

Yes, with ducks.

How do analogous structures suggest convergent evolution?

Analogous structures suggest convergent evolution because they have both evolved from a set of species but for different reasons and from different causes.

Does convergent evolution result in speciation?

All evolution that results in increasing genetic divergence between subpopulations may result in speciation. That includes convergent evolution: convergence occurs at the phenotypical level, not at the genetic level.

What is the name of evolution that produces similar but distantly related organisms?

Convergent evolution, or convergence theory.

How do wings of penguins and puffins demonstrate convergent evolution?

No. Both are birds and their wings are a derived trait common to all birds. The wings of penguins and bats display convergent evolution.

Are the wings of a bird and the wings of a bat an example of convergent evolution?

The wing is a classic example of convergent evolution in action. Although their last common ancestor did not have wings, birds and bats do.

What are the differences between divergent and convergent evolution?

Divergent evolution creates the divergence of a single species by isolating the gene pools of each species thereby increasing the differences between the population and eventually species. Divergent evolution is the evolution of different species from a common ancestor (and hence common characteristics) to attain new, dissimilar characteristics. Convergent evolution works on a different level. Unlike divergent evolution, convergent evolution does not create species with similar derived characteristics. Convergent evolution involves the adaptation of several different, unrelated organisms to the same environment in the same way. For example, flies and birds are not immediately related yet they both cope with getting around by flying with wings- similar structures that are not derived from one and other. Convergent evolution does not create new species, unlike divergent evolution. Convergent evolution is the co-evolution of different species with different ancestors in such a way that they attain the same characteristics independently of each other.

Compare and contrast convergent and divergent evolution?

Convergent Evolution-Evolution toward similar characteristics in unrelated species, resulting from adaptions to similar environmental conditions. Divergent Evolution- Evolution of one one or more closely related species into different species, resulting from adaptions to different environmental conditions.

When two unrelated organisims look alike?

Convergent evolution.

Phenetic classifications can have problems in cases of convergent evolution?


When 2 unrelated organisms look alike?

Convergent Evolution