What is copper loss?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Copper loss is the term often given to heat produced by electrical currents in the conductors of transformer windings, or other electrical devices

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Q: What is copper loss?
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Is copper a borrower or a lender?

Copper loss electrons.

Why iron loss is constant but copper loss is variable in a transformer?

Iron loss it includes the core loss is partically the same at all loads and copper loss the value of cu loss is found from short circuit test

Calculate copper losses at 75c?

Copper Loss at 75 C = Copper Loss at Ambient Temperature C * (310/(235+Ambient Temperature C))

Types of losse in AC generator?

stray loss copper loss

What is the losses of three phase induction motors?

Iron Loss Copper Loss Frictional loss

Why copper loss is called variable loss?

Cu loss means I^2*R loss so it depends on R and I.If we make wire more resistive it means it will increase the value of R so copper loss will be increase.So to concentrate on wire size we can vary the R value and can protect the copper loss.So it is called variable loss.

Which loss in transformer varies significantly with load?

Copper loss varies with the load.

What is the net charge of a copper atom if it gains two electrons?

Copper loss electrons.

Is there any bend loss in copper wire?


Full load copper loss of a 100 KVA transformer is 800W Its copper loss at 75 percent load will be?

100 is to 800 as 75 is to X. Cross multiply, 100 x X and 800 x 75, 100X = 60000. To get rid of the 100 divide it into both sides of the equation. X = 600. If the copper loss is linear, at 75 percent the copper loss will be 600 watts.

Why the efficiency of a power transformer increases with a decrease in Load at constant PF?

Maximum efficiency of a power transformer occurs when copper loss equals to iron losses. Decrease in current does not result in increase in efficiency unless the copper loss was more than iron loss and the decreased current made the copper loss is reduced and became equal to iron loss at some point.

What will be copper losses if A transformer is working at maximum efficiency and its core losses are 600 Watt eddy current losses are 150 Watt?

Copper loss means the loss due to the resistance of conductor of any device. Core loss means the loss due to eddy current and hysterisis of flux. So the total loss of a transformer menas copper loss+core loss. Therefore just knowing the core loss the copper loss can not be deduced. These are being two different and not interrelated losses the value of one of them will not make way to find the other. I hope the answer is clear enough otherwise please write again