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What is cow corn?

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"Cow Corn" or animal feed is simply corn that is harvested later than sweet corn. "Cow Corn" is then dried and used for animal feed, or used in ethanol.

Field corn is a far less sweet for of corn and is not the same as sweet corn. It has more carbohydrates and is grown differently. Most corn will grow only one ear per stalk. Newer hybrids of field corn can grow two or three ears per stalk. It has a far drier taste then sweet corn.

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Can guinea pigs eat cow corn?

No a guinea pig cannot eat cow corn!!! If you try to feed a guinea pig cow corn it will immediately die so no a guinea pig cannot eat cow corn!

How does cow make corn?

you got it the other way round, the corn makes the cow

If a cow gets into a corn field how do you find out how much of the corn the cow destroyed?

It's not that easy to take account how much corn the cow ate, other than going into the corn field, finding the tracks and tracking the cow from the point where she entered the field to the point where she came out--or were forced out.

Does cow corn and sweet corn look different?

sweet corn is shorter

Can a cow digest corn?

A cow can digest corn, but it's not the cow you're actually feeding, but rather the microbes in the cow's rumen. They are the ones that will break down the starch and cellulose found in corn and make it more usable for the cow as an energy source.

How many ears on cow corn?

One "cow corn" plant--more properly called field corn--plant will often have two to three ears on it.

How do you prepare Cow Corn for eating?

ok.. what is cow corn? I have made corn for decades... Can we assume field corn? For cattle, we let it dry before collecting. Around 12% is awesome. For humans, we do not eat field corn.

What part of the cow is corn beef?

Corned beef is made from the brisket of a cow.

How do you tell the difference between sweet corn and cow corn?

Sweet corn is soft from the day it blooms. "Cow" corn is hard it's entire lifespan. Corn feed is a better way of stating it. Hard corn "corn feed" is also packaged as popcorn. Just a little better cleaning.

Is cow corn good?

No, cow corn isn't good as far as palatability is concerned (at least for human consumers, not cows: cows will readily eat "cow corn"). It is less better to eat than sweet corn, specifically created by plant breeders to meet the consumer demand for corn and its various derivatived products found on your grocery store's shelves.

Would you receive more energy from eating a cow that consumed corn by eating it directly or by eating the corn?

Eating the cow will give you plenty of protein and other nutrients found in meat that corn does not provide.

What is a pig diet?

just as same as the cow corn

What does the piggy say to the cow when he eats his corn?


How many cows are forced to eat corn?

No cow is forced to eat corn. It's like candy to them.

Can humans eat cow corn?

Yes, but it is very chewy.

Does cow manure exist in twinkies?

Cow manure does not exist in twinkies. Twinkies are primarily made of a form of corn-derivative, but definitely not cow manure.

What is corn beef made of?

Mostly just cow. they say CORN beef because of it's peculiar taste.

What is the word for cow corn?

Usually it's called "field corn." It's a cultivar of corn grown predominantly for livestock feed, but also for ethanol production.

What were the trades of Rhode Island?

the trades were corn, beef, cow, and pork

Is it true that farmers grow corn by planting cow corn on the out side and sweet corn on the inside of the field so that people don't take the sweet corn?

Actually no.. quite on the contrary if any. If the farmer grows both cow corn and sweet corn, the way we did it was the sweet corn on the outside 3 or 4 or however many rows, and the cow corn on the inside. It made it easier to pick, and you didn't ruin any cow corn when you tried to harvest it, because the outside was sweet corn which had already been picked.Additional Info.While it is very occasionally done, as both the answer above and one of the discussion points mention, it is only done in either way (outside or inside the field) on a very small portion of the field -- for the farm family's convenience. If you want high quality sweet corn, it must be planted in a location isolated from field (cow) corn, or any other type of corn, because the other corn's pollen will make the sweet corn kernels go "starchy". The best sweet corn (and what you buy in the can or frozen) is grown in a field all by itself for this reason.

Can people eat cow corn?

Yes, but it doesn't taste nearly as good as sweet corn, the altogether different cultivar of corn specifically grown for human consumption.

Would you receive more energy from corn from eating it directly or by eating the same mass of beef from a cow that had been fed corn?

You would get more energy from eating the corn directly. In general, only about 10% of the energy gets passed up the food chain which means that you only get 10% of the energy that was originally contained in the corn by eating the cow that ate the corn.

Is cow corn also called sorghum?

No. While the two plants may appear similar from a distance, they are two different species. Cow corn (usually called "field corn" or "dent corn") has its seed on an ear that is partway up the plant, just like sweet corn on the cob. Sorghum is another member of the grass family like corn, but has its seeds in a "spray" or inflorescence at the top of the plant where corn would have only its tassel.

What is the importance of the Brahma cow to the Hindu Indians?

The cow pulls the plow. Without the cow, there would be no agriculture. You do not eat your seed corn. You do not kill and eat the animal that pulls your plow.

What equipment will you need when you bathing a baby?

a big fat cow and pop corn