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creme diplomat is made by folding whipped cream into cold creme patissiere (pastry cream). It has the sweet, custardy taste of the creme patissiere but is lighter, both in texture and flavour.

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What is creme viennoise?

creme viennoise is creme viennoise

What is correct a ice creme or an ice creme?

An ice creme, is correct.

How do you make creme fraiche?

you make creme fraich by adding creme ans merange

What does chief diplomat mean?

A diplomat is the person who negotiates on behalf of states or countries. A chief diplomat is the person who is the head diplomat.

Is creme peroxide the same as developing creme?


Who is a career diplomat?

Career diplomat

Is Nigerian diplomat capitalized?

Nigerian is always capitalized but not diplomat. It should be Nigerian diplomat.

When a president expels a foreign diplomat from the us that diplomat is declared?

When a diplomat is expelled from the country that he/she is working in, the diplomat is declared persona non grata

What is creme de la creme?

very best

What is creme brula?

Creme Brulee is a creamy desert with a burnt sugar top. Creme Brulee is french for Burnt creme, but is tastes a lot better than it sounds.

Why is Boston Creme Pie called Boston creme pie?

Because it originates in Boston, Massachusetts and it has creme on top.

What is another word f?

creme de la creme

When was Benjamin Creme born?

Benjamin Creme was born in 1922.

What is the plural form of diplomat?

Diplomats is the plural of diplomat

What is the possessive noun for diplomat?

diplomat possessive noun

Youngest Diplomat as a representative?

diplomat and representative are unrelated

What did Ronald reagen do as chief diplomat?

He was the president and not a diplomat .

Name of a Cocktail made with coffee liquer and creme?

Kaluha and CremeIn Ireland we make baby Guinness from coffee liquer and creme

What do you call creme filled cookies?

Actually, i don't think you can get creme filled cookies. If you could, they would be called Creme Cookies.

What are some creams to help eczema?

aveeno intensive care creme, aveeno anti itch creme, and eucerin calming creme, and this eucerin creme that comes in a jar that i don't no the name of have all worked for me

How was Abraham Lincoln a Chief Diplomat?

What does Chief of Diplomat mean?

When was Opel Diplomat created?

Opel Diplomat was created in 1964.

When was Dodge Diplomat created?

Dodge Diplomat was created in 1977.

When was Diplomat Records created?

Diplomat Records was created in 2002.

What is the ISBN of Not Quite the Diplomat?

The ISBN of Not Quite the Diplomat is 0713998555.