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Cross dressing is wearing clothing usually associated with the opposite sex. This can range from a guy who wears women's undergarments to "you really can't tell it's a guy" drag.

There is also "gender-f**k" which is to cross dress while maintaining some characteristic that contradicts the clothing. For example, a guy may cross dress but not shave his beard.

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Q: What is cross dressing?
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Does cross-dressing mean you are gay?

No, in fact the majority of cross-dressing men are straight.

Does cross dressing make you gay?

Gay is sexual affection for same gender. Cross dressing is affection for dressing up in clothes of other gender.

Can cross-dressing be cured?

Cross-dressing is not a "disease" it is not bad or wrong. It does not need to be "cured." Essentially if someone wants to be "cured" of cross-dressing, they should go see a psychologist to find the underlying problem.

When was Ancient Cross-Dressing Songs created?

Ancient Cross-Dressing Songs was created on 2009-09-17.

How is Drug abuse related to cross dressing?

It's not. Cross dressing is a personal choice, same with taking drugs.. I'm not saying there aren't any cross dressing junkys out there, I'm just saying they aren't related.

How common is cross-dressing?

very common, you wanna know why. well i am cross dressing right now. im wearing silk panties and nylons.

Is cross-dressing illegal in Texas?

No, it is not illegal.

Can bullying be associated with cross dressing?


Does being a cross-dresser make you gay?

No. Cross dressing has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

What should you do if you like to cross dress and your parents don't understand?

Stop cross dressing

How can a boy be a girl to go to prom?


Cross dressing prank?

I don't know if that exists.

What celebrity has a cross dressing sibling?

David Arquette

What is transvestic fetishism?

transvestic fetishism, or cross-dressing

Is cross dressing is good?

Sure is any guy can do it

How do you be transvestite in secret?

By not cross-dressing in public, and not telling anyone...

Can a man of 52 stop cross dressing?

Only if he wants to.

Is your son gay because he likes to cross-dress?

No. The majority of cross dressers are not gay. There is no connection between cross-dressing and sexual orientation.

How To Tell Your Family About Cross-Dressing?

It's not easy, but you have to tell them the truth.

Do women like cross dressing men?

ofcourse not .. it is so disgusting

What is boy cross dressing?

It's when a boy puts on girl's clothes.

Who is the cross dressing British comedian?

You are probably referring to Eddie Izzard.

Should a cross dressing boy go shopping without his mom?

he can if he likes

Is cross dressing okay?

100% okay, don't let fear stop you.

How do you get your wife to except your cross dressing?

Just go with it. Who cares? Tell her your belive.

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