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A cross-platform application is an application which can run on multiple computer-platforms. Any computer program or piece of software, which is able to run on more than one platform can be termed as a cross-platform application. It is also known as multi-platform application. A platform includes the computer-architecture, operating system, software-framework and programming languages.

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This refers to the method of writing programs for mobile devices which can be run from a number of different devices. In other words, rather than writing a program which works only on the apple OS, then writing another one for Blackberry, and another one for Windows Mobile, you write a singe program in a language which can work for all of them, then simply compile the same program four or five times of the four or five systems you want to support.

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Q: What is cross mobile platform application?
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What do you mean by cross platform mobile application development?

Cross-platform app development is a process of writing a single codebase for mobile apps that will eventually be used on different mobile operating systems like Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows, etc. There are various benefits of developing a cross platform app, like code reusability, less development cost, etc.

Where can I go to learn mobile application development?

It depends on the mobile platform. If it is iOS (apple), blackberry, Windows Mobile, Android, or something else. Each of those require the application to be developed in a specific way, there is not a way to generate a cross platform mobile application. Looking into what platform you're developing in would be an excellent start, as each of them provides excellent recourses for developers. Perhaps a mobile website might work for your application. If this is the case, that route would save a good deal of work, as it could be accessed by most mobile browsers and would not need to be platform specific.

Which multiplatform mobile tools to choose while developing mobile application for enterprise?

There are many cross platform tools available for cross platform mobile development. Some of the in demand tools include Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap, Rhomobile, Sencha. Do complete due diligence, while selecting any one.

What is the growth expected of cross platform mobile application development in 2015?

Performance of cross platform apps has improved a lot over last few years. Latest survey shows that cross platform mobile development will grow by more than 250% by next year. The lower cost of development and quick turnaround the prime factors for growth. Latest cross platform tools are now offering better performance as well -

What is the best tool for mobile development?

As per my own experienced cross platfrom mobile application development is one of the greatest for developing best and unique mobile apps. For more detail about the tools you can see at

How do phonegap help in mobile app development?

Silicon Valley is a one of the leading Mobile Cross Platform Development Company in India. Silicon Valley offers Mobile Cross Platform Development Services to clients across the globe. The team of Mobile Developers at Silicon Valley has years of experience in Mobile Cross Platform Development.we are great symphony developers in India.

What is the difference between application and platform?

Application works in a platform. To work a application there must be a platform. As a example to work Operamini java application, there must be a JVM(Java Virtual Machine) installed microchip in your mobile phone.

What is the difference between Native application and Cross Platform mobile application?

A native application is an application program that is developed with the main intention of being used in a particular platform or device. Choosing native app would be best when you have to use the native features of the smartphone like camera,GPS, maps,etc. Native app could be installed directly on a mobile app and the developer can develop separate app version for every mobile device. Native app has the facility of being stored out of box and downloaded from a public or a private app store. Cross platform app development is cheaper in terms of cost and takes less time to implement the apps on all platforms.

Why cross platform mobile app development is surging in Nigeria South Africa and Egypt?

Cross platform mobile development is growing globally. Businesses are looking to deploy the mobile apps quickly and getting native apps done for all the mobile platforms, are not possible for all. Thus many are going for cross platform app development as the solution.

Is term platform independent equivalent to cross platform?

Any boby can answer this question What software is cross-platform? Platform-independent means that code executes without a specific platform. Cross-platform means that the application runs on many platforms. Generally, they can be used interchangeably.

A cross platform application program is one that?

Can be run on any platform or operating system. Ex: Java

Is qt a language?

No, Qt is a cross-platform application development framework