What is crush injury?

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pain at the site, associated would and blood loss

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Q: What is crush injury?
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What causes encephalomalacia?

spinal crush injury

What is the code for Sequela of old crush injury to left foot?


What is the cpt code for sequela of old crush injury to left foot?

928.20, 906.4

What is a compression injury?

Compression injury is much like a crushing injury but going the length ways of a bone or structure.For instance, pushing your belly button to your spine would be a crush injury while pushing your head into your pelvis would be a compression injury; going length ways with the spine, compressing it.

What are the types of closed wounds?

Closed wound types include: hematomas: petechiae purpura ecchymosis contusions crush injury

What would happen if you smashed your finger in a tray table?

Minor injury and fracture of the bone will heal without any problems. Severe crush injury with loss of soft tissue or compromised circulation may require surgery

What is 'crush' in Chinese?

If you are talking about the "romantic crush" type of "crush", then here's as close translation: 我喜歡的人 Wǒ xǐ huan de rén (It just means 'person I like' but there is no direct translation of the word "crush") However, if you mean crush, as in to press or squeeze (someone or something) with force or violence, typically causing serious damage or injury, then it would be 粉碎 Fěn suì

What is wedging of vertebrae?

A compression fracture of the spine. It implies that the vertebral body has suffered a crush injury. The vertebral body is the block of bone that makes up the spinal column.

What is a mad crush?

A Mad Crush Is When It Is A Big Crush

What do you do if you hate your crush?

If you hate your crush, then they're not your crush.

What is a hate crush?

its when your crush hates you but has a secert crush on you

Tramatic injury that destroys brain tissue?

Of course, a hit to the head can crush and destroy the normal anatomy of the brain and destroy, gray material, white material, arteres, veins, etc

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