What is cultural origins?

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culture origin is culture copy this

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Q: What is cultural origins?
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This is a group with distinct national origins or cultural patterns?

Ethnic Group

What are the cultural origins of North Carolina?

Scots-Irish and African-American.

What do you call someone who studies man's origins and development?

Anthropology and Cultural anthropology

What has the author Roderick Macfarquhar written?

Roderick Macfarquhar has written: 'The origins of the cultural revolution'

What is Vietnamese cultural artifact?

A Vietnamese cultural artifact refers to a behavioral pattern that has it origins in Vietnam's ancient roots. It also refers to the physical objects that are associated with that particular cultural behavior.

What are the origins of Scottish people?

Scottish people are people who's ancestors, cultural and genetic origins are from Scotland, which is located in the northern third of the island of Great Britain.

Is Etymology a field of biology?

No, etymology is the study of the origins of words and putting them in their cultural and historical contexts.

In which country did rock start?

It's cultural origins were in the 1950's in both the UK and the US.

What is the Olmecs significance to cultural diffusion?

The Olmec's contributed significantly to cultural diffusion. The Olmec's offered an alternative to the speculations of origins that differed from the current academic suggestions.

What three modern nations trace their cultural origins to the early Indian civilizations?

The modern nations of india , pakistan, and bangladesh trace their cultural beginnings to early indian civilizations

What is the present state of occultism?

'Occulture', that is occultism as a sociological community,has become dumbed down; unaware of its cultural significance and origins.

This is a group with distinct national origins or cultural patterns For example, Norwegian Americans belong to this type of group?

Ethnic Group

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