What is customers needs?

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Customer needs is what the Customer needs!

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What is the practice called in which one level of government gives money to other levels of government to cover the cost of certain services

The evaluation of employees and groups in an organization is part of which element of performance management

Why would an employer encourage an employee to complete a customer service class

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custoer needs: cost efficient product,relaibel ,effective performance,fast servics,

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to feel confortable and also help in their difficulties

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Q: What is customers needs?
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Needs and expectations of foreign customers?

the needs and expectations

What comes from recognizing customers' needs?

Better customer service, as you meet those needs, or tell the customers who can meet them.

Who are the customers with special needs?


What need special needs customers?

Special needs customers have needs that include a ramp at the entrance of the store for those who are wheel-chair bound and a grab handle for customers who can walk with a walking aid. In-store, special needs customers may need help with reach items from shelves that are too high up for them.

Is marketing creating or satisfying needs?

marketing is at the heart of satisfying customers needs

What is marketing shapes consumer needs and wants?

reflecting customers needs and wants

What is the possessive noun for customers?

The possessive singular noun for customer is customer's, e.g. "Can you please take care of that customer's request?" The possessive plural noun for customers is customers' , e.g. "Someone needs to tend to those customers' needs as quickly as possible."

How do you understand customers need?

A thorough understanding of your customers' needs requires analysis. Here are four steps you can follow to understand your customers' needs and turn this information into actionable results: Create a buyer's persona Seek feedback from your customers Analyze your competitors Craft a customer needs statement

How do a customers demonstrate their needs and expectation?

By speaking to customers, a business gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their needs and expectations.Customers can ask questions directly. Also they can do it through compliting a questionaires. Online forum is another form of customers feedback.

Businesses today succeed or fail based on their ability to .?

inovate with technology to meet their customers' needs

How accommodating customers delivery needs contributes to customer loyalty?

Understanding and meeting urgency needs of customers is part of the relationship building process. If you build rapport with customers you are encouraging customer loyalty. Loyal customers are those with whom you have built relationships based on trust, honesty, reliability and the provision of product/service delivery that meets the customer's needs.

How do customers demonstrate their own needs and expectations?

they roll up

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