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What is damb?

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Do otters live in a damb?

No You are thinking of beavers and dams

Which states did Dorothea Dix visit?

none of your damb buissness

Why should you care about what Ferdinand Magellan did?

Cuz the damb teacher said so!!

What is a quote from Macbeth to show why Lady Macbeth commits suicide?

"Out damb spot out!"

Who is Michael Fish?

He is my most favoritist sigerer in the whole god damb world

How does melting snow cause erosion?

im a beach im a beach damb

What bad word did Charlie learn on Good Luck Charlie?

The word is damn,

Does Emma waston have a boy-friend?

i really hope not because she is damb hot

What to say to a guy to get him to ask you out on a date you?

Why does he have to ask you on a date? Ask him to go out with you. What a damb answer!!!!you can do better am sure

Types of coral reefs found in Barbados?


What is ther purpose of a screw thread finish surface on a baulk ring?

god damb mongolians you knocked down my chity wall

Does a fish have an afro?

ok stupidest question ive evr heard so no a damb fish doesnt have a freaking afro stupid question

Can renewable energy run out?

no because it is renewable and you can always renew it that is like asking can we ever run out of water when there is big ocean you damb idiotic freek

Where do frogs live and hide?

Well they like damb or moist areas and the hide in grass and stuff. If you live near a lake or something check there. This should help

What should a level 74 on runescape fight?

well you could try some lesser demons or some red spiders. but that's for f2p. for members you absoultily do slayer task, and remember pick up your damb herbs.

What is the fluid that protects the embryo?

It is called the amniotic. I am sure people out there needs this because it took me forever to find it f.irst of all the person who answered think is so damb stupid cuz thats not the answers that person is a dick head

What do you do after your action replay messes up?

you can try this , this always works put it back in turn power on and off really fast 10 times then clean it in circles then from middle to edges 20 times for the memory card clean it with a damb cloth

Is japan a cruel place for childrenwhy arent you giving me the god damb answer tell me it and i will actually like this site so if you want to make things a lot more easyer tell me right now.?

What species is Watto?

he is a toydarien i think?he says what speces he is in the phantom meneace.just go out to block buster and rent the damb movie.then when watto is talking to gui gon jinn for the first time in that junkyard turn on the subtitles and read what watto f***ing says!

When you wear eyeshadow how do you not make it look like you have a black eye?

well...on the top of your eye lidd yoo use yoor pinkey(FINGER)and damb it on and only use hot coulours so if yoou do it wrong it dusnt look like a black eye

How does the poem go titled the witch?

i spilled my drink on my lap damb it time to go to the candy store to buy a new one wait a minute the candy sells candy not lap tops im as dum as a poo head today this had a lot of swaer words in it but they made me take them out woooooooooooooo springfield my name is James

Jobs for 14 yr old in Spokane WA?

They're are not many if any i am sorry to say when i was 14 i could not find a damb thing try places like Woolworths, coles, IGA. that's wher a heap of my friends went. you ccan also try like maccas, hungry jacks, fast food places. then there's spots like jesters.

What are some eight letter words with 1st letter D and 2nd letter A and 3rd letter M and 4th letter B?

According to SOWPODS (the combination of Scrabble dictionaries used around the world) there are 2 words with the pattern DAMB----. That is, eight letter words with 1st letter D and 2nd letter A and 3rd letter M and 4th letter B. In alphabetical order, they are: damboard dambrods

In what episode does Sasuke leave the hidden leaf village?

He will leave Konoha episode 109. After Kakashi scolded him for batteling naruto and use Chidori on him, Sasuke started thinking about staying, but when some guys from Orochimaru battled him after Kakashi left he got pissed of because they called him weak and said he would never be able to defeat Itashi if he stayed in Konoha. So at night he left, but Sakura stopped him. She tried to convince him to stay with her loveydovey talk but in the end Sasuke said thank you and punched her and left. So romantic.........yah...

What are the idols used for in the game Fossil Fighters?

*SPOILER ALERT* it the end of the game they are a doomsday weapon 2 restart evolution when it stopped doing the preferable thing. its was set by aliens 2 have another home planed after theres was destroyed, by the very thing that they caused by turning on the main idol. in the end u have 2 kill the damb things brains when u beat the game. here r the vivisaues i used 2 beat him. Daspleteo-foun bb base. rank 7 Guan-found-mt lavaflow.rank 7(i used final move 2 tunr in2 t-rex) Compy-found dp exchange(200 dp)rank 12