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What is date of birth of rubina dilaik?

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Yes, Rubina Dilaik is MUSLIM!!!

Rubina Dilaik was born on 1987-08-26.

there are two sisters of rubina dilaik one is rohini and other is nancy

Rubina Dilaik: birthday - 26th August

yes. he is dating rubina dalik

no she is Hindu n she is from shimla............

No she is not married.

100% Sikh she rules with avinash awersome twosome

avinash sachdev as they just admitted their love on sbb.....

An official fan telephone number for Rubina Dilaik is not available at this time. However, you can visit her website at

Rubina Ali's birth name is Rubina Ali Qureshi.

Go to or -How do i know?You must ask themselves

Hindu. Her father's name is Gopal Dilaik. So obviously she's Hindu.

avinash sachdevs wife cannot be told right now but the flying rumors have told that his wife coulkd be rubina dilaik {radhika} for any more information about avinash {dev} and rubina {radhika} you can go to

yes, i think so because they so nice with each other. They see lovely with together but they are not couple to apana rasta saf hai.

yes rubina dilak is on Facebook.

Rubina Rana was born in 1956.

Rubina Rana died in 2003.

Rubina Shergill died in 2012.

Dina Rubina was born in 1953.

Rubina Kuraoka was born in 1987.

Patricio Rubina was born in 1981.

The meaning of the name Rubina is see a son, the red gemstone ;)

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