What is definition and description about low power distance?

Low power Vs high power distance .

Power distance definition = Power distance is a way to explain the handling of differences between groups existing in a system of inequality. It reflects a culture's attitude towards human inequality which defines itself inside organizations through a manager subordinate relationship.

Where low power distance is present, managers and subordinates have egalitarian relationships with access to near equal levels of power.High power distance thrives inside hierarchical organizations where importance is placed on social status of employees.

In a high power distance cultures the following may be observed:

. Those in authority openly demonstrate their rank.
. Subordinates are not given important work and expect clear guidance from above.
. Subordinates are expected to take the blame for things going wrong.
. The relationship between boss and subordinate is rarely close/personal.
. Politics is prone to totalitarianism.
. Class divisions within society are accepted.

In a low power distance culture:

. Superiors treat subordinates with respect and do not pull rank.
. Subordinates are entrusted with important assignments.
. Blame is either shared or very often accepted by the superior due to it being their responsibility to manage.
. Managers may often socialise with subordinates.
. Liberal democracies are the norm.
. Societies lean more towards egalitarianism.