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What is denser?


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March 05, 2014 9:23PM

'Dense' and 'denser' are comparative terms that regard the amount of a particular item or substance within a given set area.

A simple example would detail two classrooms of equal area (i.e., 50 feet long by 50 feet deep, etc.); classroom A containing 15 students while classroom B contains 45. The student population of classroom B could then be said to be three times denser than that of classroom A. [15 * 3 = 45]

In chemical studies, the term is used to describe the amount of molecules within a particular element or compound. For instance, an atom (the set area) of the element lead [Pb] has an atomic number of 82, and therefore a higher (proton) density than does an atom of the element tin [Sn] with an atomic number of only 50. Particularly among metals, greater densities give the element the properties of being harder, stronger, and more durable.

The measurement for density is derived by dividing the mass of an item by its volume.

Finally, the term saw brief but prolific use during the early 1980s as derogatory slang denoting a thickness of mind which blocked intelligence or learning. (Ex: Dan Quayle was only slightly denser than the progeny of his running mate, President-to-be George W. Bush.)
The mass of an object! E.g.

Glass is more dense then air