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A detail sheet in Excel is a place where common items are grouped together. An example would be sales for a company detailing each product and how many were sold of each.

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How do you make a result sheet in Excel?

how to create a excel sheet

What do you mean by Excel sheet?

A new excel document. In Microsoft excel there is a new page button like in word. Click that to get a new excel sheet. It is effectively a page in excel.

Is a Excel work sheet the same as a spread sheet?

Yes. In Excel, a spreadsheet is called a worksheet.

What is the difference between Excel sheet and spread sheet?

They are the same thing, excel is Microsoft's spreadsheet programme.

Where and how can a spreadsheet be used?

Spread sheet is same like excel sheet

What is the size of an Excel sheet?

The max columns on an excel 2007 sheet are 16k. The max rows are 1M. In excel 2003 the max columns are 256 and max rows of 64k.

How many cells in a 2007 Excel sheet?

17,179,869,184 cells in one excel

Why can't you delete an Excel sheet?

It is possible to delete a worksheet in an Excel Workbook. Right click on the sheet tab, and it will give you the option to do so.

What is an Excel documentation sheet and summary sheet?

It is a table of content based on what you are documenting

How do you copy a protected cell in excel without removing the protection to another excel sheet?

Cell protection only kicks in when you protect the entire sheet. So for the cell to be protected, then the sheet has to be protected.

How can an excel sheet order can be changed by?

You can click and drag a sheet tab to change its position.

How is PowerPoint different from Excel?

Excel is a spread sheet programme, PowerPoint is more of a movie programme.

How do you make a second row of sheet tabs excel?

Most say you cannot (in Excel 2010)

What is the last column name in Excel sheet?

IV in versions up to Excel 2003. XFD in versions from Excel 2007 onwards.

How do you split multi-worksheet Excel files into single-worksheet ones?

Excel worksheet Separator is a powerful, friendly and easy-to-use Excel tool to split multi-sheet excel files into single sheet excel files with high speed. This excel tool can easy to find you excel files and change the complicated ,duplicate and boring excel works into easy ones.

What is an active sheet?

An active sheet in Microsoft Excel is the current sheet that you are working on. There are many sheets that are found in a single workbook.

What is another name for a worksheet in excel?

A spreadsheet or a sheet.A spreadsheet or a sheet.A spreadsheet or a sheet.A spreadsheet or a sheet.A spreadsheet or a sheet.A spreadsheet or a sheet.A spreadsheet or a sheet.A spreadsheet or a sheet.A spreadsheet or a sheet.A spreadsheet or a sheet.A spreadsheet or a sheet.

What is spread sheet in Microsoft Excel?

Spreadsheet is a single sheet in the workbook while workbook is a collection of several spreadsheet. For Example: When you open an excel file then by default 3 spreadsheet is open. Sheet 1, sheet 2, sheet 3. You can add or delete a spreadsheet as per your requirement.

Where can you find a spreadsheet?

Go to Microsoft excel sheet.

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