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What is detergent food?

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foods which are firm or crisp, help to clean teeth as they are eaten.

( e.g. carrot, cucumber, apple, pop corn etc. )

for better results 'make detergent foods the final food' , you eat in your meal.

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What happens when you mix detergent with food coloring?

The detergent may change color. Avoid doing this with detergent that you plan to use for laundry as it may stain the clothing.

How does joy laundry detergent effect food coloring?


What is detergent purposes of dishwasher?

Dishwasher detergent is necessary to properly clean and sanitize dirty dishes. Detergent contains abrasives to help remove food particles as well as soap to kill germs and bacteria.

When lipid is added to a solution of detergent in water the detergent breaks up large globules of the lipid into much smaller globules what effect would a detergent have on the integrity of cells?

loosening the peptides and proteins of food and fat.

Does food contain sodium lauryl sulphate?

If it does it probably shouldn't. That's a detergent.

What are the example of detergent?

There is Clothes Detergent and Dish Detergent!

What is the direction of detergent?

The direstion of detergent is somewhat going down people are not trusting their detergent detergent is slowly going down into the world. Goodbye detergent.

Is toothpaste a detergent?

no its not a detergent

Effect of detergent chemical characteristic of detergent soap solution?

what does detergent do

Is Woolite detergent gluten free?

Gluten is found in food containing wheat, not soaps and detergents.

Detergent or non detergent oil on a TRX250 ATV?

It has to be a non detergent oil

What is an anionic detergent?

An anionic detergent is a detergent in which the lipophilic part of the molecule is an anion.

What are facts about gain detergent?

its a detergent

Is 2x detergent the same as HE detergent?


Does a 1985 Honda four-wheeler take detergent or non detergent oil?

Detergent! Do not use non-detergent oil.

Where can you purchase Tide Laundry Detergent?

Tide Laundry detergent is a popular detergent available at many grocery stores, club stores, and department stores. For example, Sam's Club, Food Lion, Stater Brothers, Ralph's, Vons, and Wal-Mart sell Tide detergent. Tide may also be purcahsed at Target, KMart, and some convenient stores such as 7-11.

Which laundry detergent is better Gain laundry detergent or Dynamo laundry detergent?

Most people would agree that Gain laundry detergent is better than Dyamo laundry detergent. Gain is more expensive in price but a better quality detergent.

Is detergent a compound or a mixture?

Detergent is a compound

Is detergent an acid or a base?

Detergent is a base.

What is biodegradable detergent?

detergent which decompose by the action of bacteria in to simple compound is called biodegradable detergent.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of detergent?

An advantage of detergent is that is cleans things. If its laundry detergent it helps clean clothes. If its dish detergent it helps clean dishes. A disadvantage of a detergent is that it is not biodegradable. They have a hydrocarbon chain which makes it biodegradable.

Could you make slime with detergent?

yea u could all u have to do is mix Tide detergent with Glue and add food coloring if u want. if the slime is to liquidy then put more detergent if its to hard put more glue. then put it in ur hands to mix it good and feel it. enjoy.

Is detergent acidic?

detergent is alkali and this can be tested by putting detergent into an acid if it neutralises than it is an acid not an alkali

What are the different types of detergent?

different types of detergent are All, Drops, Tide, Gain, target detergent

Which laundry detergent is stronger oxy clean or tide?

123 is the strongest detergent because i use that for the detergent