What is difference between Indian cottage cheese and American cottage cheese?

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My first thought would be the source of the milk.... American milk is primarilly cow milk, other countries also use goat milk so perhaps that is what it is made from...
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What is the difference between Farmers Cheese and Cottage Cheese?

farmers cheese is farmers cheese is cottage cheese that has been pressed in a form to remove all the liquid, leaving a brick of formed cheese that can be sliced or crumbled when milk is curdled with rennet or vinegar, it forms solid curds and liquid whey. Farmers cheese is made by draining the ( Full Answer )

Can you freeze cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese and other soft cheeses do not freeze well. If used in a recipe (like lasagne filling, cake) they hold up pretty well, but you may find them grainier than you like. Hard cheese freezes very well (make small 1/2 pound packages) but will be much crumblier when thawed out.. Another answe ( Full Answer )

Is cottage cheese and yogurt the same?

Answer . No cottage cheese is a mixture of a sour cream type substance and siured milk that has been pasturized and all so it is still good to eat.It is a very delectible snack.

Can you make cottage cheese out of yogurt?

No, They contain completely diffrent strains of bacteria. Cottage cheese uses Streptococcus diacetilactis, {most do anyways} while yogurt depending on brand contains bifidobacterium. Also modern day yogurts are thickened with Gelatines or modifed cornstarches. Completly diffrent methods are used for ( Full Answer )

Why is it called cottage cheese?

Wikipedia says the term "cottage cheese" is believed to have originated because the simple cheese was usually made in cottages from any milk left over after making butter. Read more at: http://www.answers.com/topic/cottage-cheese

Who invented cottage cheese?

Billy Bob Jane Vasquez Mackenzie Madison Kaya Delgado!!!!! he also invented apple strudel, look it up in the searchbar!!! tucker You are a liar and this idiot did not invent cottage chese

Does cottage cheese cause constipation?

Apparently cottage cheese does cause constipation. Considering it is some type of cheese, there's no doubt that it does. I have been eating it a lot the last 3 weeks for the protein factor, and everytime I try to have a bowel movement, it takes roughly 30 minutes for me to push it all out because it ( Full Answer )

Can you eat to much cottage cheese?

you can always eat too much of something, especially carbohydrates. everyone need to watch their diet and eat healthy

What is cottage cheese made of?

it is made of curdled milk. cottage cheese (aka curds and whey) is the first step in making any cheese, after that you separate out the curds, press them into a wheel, let the wheel age as desired.

How did cottage cheese get its name?

Cottage cheese first made its début by accident, when heat turned curdled ordinary milk into soft, moist lumps that tasted good. Farmers in Europe during the middle ages made the cheese in their cottages.

Where did cottage cheese come from?

Answer . Cottage cheese first made its début by accident, when heat turnedcurdled ordinary milk into soft, moist lumps that tasted good. Farmersin Europe during the Middle Ages made the cheese in their cottages..

How long does cottage cheese last?

Cottage cheese lasts for 6yrs. if you keep it on your counter(must be granite)at 63degrees. You must follow these directions precisly if you want to keep the cheese from rotting.. Thank you, and have a nice day! Your welcome!. Sincerely,. The cottage cheese expert,. Dr.Maio Chucinsbeurg

Why doesn't cottage cheese mold?

Actually, cottage cheese can get moldy. I have seen pink, green and black molds growing on cottage cheese that was forgotten in the fridge.

Is cottage cheese healthy?

Cottage cheese seems to be an in-between, when considered healthy of unhealthy. The good points are that it is high in protein and a source of calcium. However, it is usually high in sodium, contains a bit of cholesterol, contains lacotse (which is a problem for the lactose intolerant), and most of ( Full Answer )

Can terrapins eat cottage cheese?

Terrapins can eat just about anything, including cottage cheese, but it might not be the best for them. I believe terrapins are allowed to eat cottage cheese without any side affects.

Can you make farmers cheese from cottage cheese?

How does one make PRESSED cottage cheese ? ? The way to make Farmers Cheese and Cottage Cheese starts off as basically the same. You take milk, add starter cultures and perhaps acid, heat the mixture, add enzymes (rennet), wait for the curds to set, separate the curds, and drain off the whey...at ( Full Answer )

What country is cottage cheese from?

Holland. Started in range cottages and homes in Europe. It was a very popular dish. Colonial America then adopted it in 1915 and it is sometimes called Pot Cheese or Dutch Cheese. M.Kyte

What is in cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese is a simple cheese made from milk with an additive to curdle it - i.e., to make curds and whey. It contains milk, possibly buttermilk as well, and rennet. There are several sites on how to make your own cottage cheese out there. Rennet, btw, is non-vegetarian in many cases - if yo ( Full Answer )

What is dry cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese with dried milk and dairy. Although my answer is not the most specific, it is the basics on what dried and/or curd cottage cheese is.

How are block cheese and cottage cheese related?

During the process of making cheese, the milk becomes semi-solid (known as "curds and whey"). It's stirred constantly while the little bits of "pre-cheese" begin to bind together. Before it's strained and tied up or blocked to make hard cheese, a portion of the curds and whey can be saved. This prod ( Full Answer )

What type of cheese is cottage cheese?

Cottage cheese has a mild flavour and is a cheese curd product.The curd is drained but not pressed, so some whey remains andretains moisture. The curd is generally washed to remove theacidity and leave a sweet taste. It is made from different types ofmilk with different fat levels. . The term 'cott ( Full Answer )

Does cottage cheese contain gluten?

Yes most does. But if you want Gluten Free foods go to a Specialty store or Safeway now has gluten free signs all over their store indicating whats gluten free and whats not.

What does cottage cheese go well with?

In my opinion cottage cheese goes GREAT with pepper!!!! It's good served with fruit, it's great with minced onion and garlic and a little salt and pepper. It's good with tomatoes. It's good with cucumber. An option for a hot summer day is is to mix in some dill and horseradish, serve on a Whea ( Full Answer )

How much fiber does cottage cheese have?

Unfortunately none, but cottage cheese is a great source of protein, about 14g per serving and makes for a good choice as a lowfat snack (the lowfat version). Sources high in protein make you feel full longer and stave off the munchies, much like high fiber foods. Both are important components in a ( Full Answer )

Is cottage cheese really a cheese?

Yes, cheese is the coagulation of milk into curds and whey. The curds are then processed to make the cheese. Cottage cheese is made in this way.

Difference between cottage and ricotta cheese?

the Difference is that Cottage cheese is more lumpy and tastes great with pineaple, whereas ricotta tastes better with pasta and is a creamy cheese(i think) this answer is only a guess so dont use it for papers or stuff like that

Can you use cottage cheese for farmers cheese?

No! Cottage cheese is not really cheese but it is curds. Farmers Cheese is actually a particular type of cheese that is unripened and when made properly is crumbly and hard, whereases cottage cheese is moist and wet.

Does cottage cheese contain cholesterol?

Yes, but it depends heavily on the type of cottage cheese. For example, the low-fat cottage cheeses are much healthier, and a serving would contain roughly 9mg of cholesterol.

Are there preservatives in cottage cheese?

I just read that the cottage cheese I'm currently enjoying contains"carbon dioxide to preserve freshness." I'm shocked and reallydisheartened. Am checking around to find out why. That's all I cansay...

Is cottage cheese un-ripened?

Yes, cottage cheese and ricotta cheese as well as some others are fresh cheeses and are not ripened.

Why is cottage cheese different from cheddar cheese?

cottage cheese is home made cheese, it is one of the soft cheese. Milk processed into curd then it goes to cheese process. it is not matured also. cheddar cheese belongs to great britan. it is semi hard cheese. it is matured cheese

Who makes the best cottage cheese?

1) i have Smith's small curd cottage cheese and i really like it! 2) The farmer owners of Cabot Creamery Cooperative think Cabot's cottage cheese is the best :)

Can cottage cheese make you constipated?

No. It doesn't make you constipated. Some people I know put Salt & Pepper in theirs. But No, cottage cheese is healthy for you!! Thanks!!

Does Cottage cheese contain sodium?

You can buy cottage cheese with or without sodium. I've found that unsalted cottage cheese is very bland and kind of gross. The sodium gives it its characteristic, though still mild, flavor.

Can you leave cottage cheese out overnight?

Leaving it out at room temperature too long will allow bacteria andmold to grow on it. It may still be safe to eat It but will nottaste the same the next morning.