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A cause is the reason why something happened. A consequence is the result of an action. For example: The cause of the stain on his shirt was that his pen leaked ink all over it. The consequence of forgetting to put the cap on his pen was that it leaked all over his shirt.

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Q: What is difference between cause and consequence?
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What is the difference between result from and in?

A consequence is something that results from an action.An action results in a consequence.

What is the difference between implication and ramification?

The difference between implication and ramification is in their meanings. Implication is the consequence expected as a result of an action while ramification is a consequence that develops and aggravates the situation.

What is the difference between a behaviour and consequence?

A consequence is the end result of the behavior. The behavior is the act. The consequence is the result. For example, the act (behavior) of armed robbery could lead to the consequence of a prison sentence.

What is the difference between implication and consequence?

They both mean result; but implication is a possible result and outcome of an action, not necessarily negative. whereas consequence is a result of an action, but often not good.

When writing a cause ad consequence essay it is not important to distinguish between primary and contributory causes?


What difference between consequence and causes?

Causes is actually "how" whereas consequences is "what happened" or the results or effects

Causative and consequence linkers?

Cause and consequence is the same as cause and effect. This is the idea that there are consequences to every action or choice.

Are what is the difference between a sissile polyp and a flat polyp. cause cancer?

Is there a difference between a sissile polyp and a flat polyp. Can either one be a cause of cancer

what's the difference between an accident and a consequence?

An accident is something that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury. A consequence is a result or effect of an action or condition. So an accident could have many consequences.

What is a synonym for cause and effect?

action and consequence

What is most likely to cause no difference in phenotype between two individuals?

There are many things that will cause no difference in phenotype between two individuals. One of these things is the water they drink.

What is the difference between a ecosystem and community?

It is different cause it is different