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Multiuser refers to having more than 1 person able to log into the computer and each person have their own settings (bookmark, desktop, themes, etc) Multitasking is the ability of the computer to do more than 1 thing (program) at a time. There was a time when you could not surf, type in word and listen to music on your computer all at one time.

Multitasking is the ability to operate more than one program at a time. There are two types of multi-tasking as well, preemptive and cooperative. Preemptive means that each program can request the amount of resources it needs, and the operating system will take it from a program that is not using it. Cooperative means that the programs have to be designed to share resources, or whichever program is running in the foreground will get all the resources. This means that a background program, like a media player playing a song, can't play music while you are Surfing a web page, unless the programs are designed to do that.

Multi-user means the operating system has clear distinctions between users. Users cannot destroy each other's files, and unprivileged users cannot make changes to the system itself, like install new software.

Single-tasking, single user - DOS, some older versions of the Mac operating system, video game consoles, etc...

Multitasking (cooperative), single user - Windows 3.1, Mac OS 9.

Multitasking (preemptive), single user - Windows 95/98/ME

Multitasking (preemptive), multi-user - Windows NT/2000/Xp/Vista, Mac OS X, Linux

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Q: What is difference between multiuser and multitasking?
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What is the difference between cooperative multitasking and preemptive multitasking?

Cooperative multitasking is multitasking tohelp someone else, while peemative multitasking is multiaatsking for yourself.

What is the difference between multiuser multitasking and multiprocessing?

* Multiuser: A computer system the can handle more then one user at a time. Windows is not a multiuser OS. It can handle only one user at a time. * Multitasking: The ability of an OS to do more then one thing at atime. for instance, you can be downloading a large file and still use another program to do something, like write a book. * Multiprocessing: The chip in new computers is able to do more then one task at a time because there is more then one processing unit on/in the chip.

Is Linux a single user operating system?

It is a multitasking, multiuser opearting. It is a version of UNIX .

Why unix are multiuser and multitasking? is the parallel processing 2.complexity & consumption of time reduces

What is the difference between multitasking and combing task?

multitasking is doing more than two task or more. And combing task is two task

Difference between unix and windows?

unix is a multiuser operating system but widows is a single user operating system.

What is the difference between multitasking and multiprograming?

Multitasking is being able to do more than one thing at a time. Multiprogramming is using more than one 'language' to accomplish a task.

What is the difference between task-switching and multitasking?

When a person is task switching, they are working on one thing at a time. If a person is multitasking, they are working on more than one thing at once.

What are the differences between Multitasking and Multiuser OS?

Multitasking OS can run multiple processes at the same time in short periods called a time slice for each process. Miltiuser OS allows more than 1 user to use the same processor (CPU) at the same time. (not exactly the same time but it's so small)

Difference between time sharing and multitasking and multithreading and multiprocessor?

multitasking: more task execute on sevaral cpumultithreading : sevaral part of one program execution

What are main differences between cooperative multitasking and preemtive multitasking?

Preemptive multitasking is when the operating system preemptively interrupts a current task without cooperation. Cooperative multitasking is when the system must be programmed to do tasks.

What is the difference between single tasking and multitasking?

multi tasting is doing it with some 1 but single tasking is coin it by yrself :)

What is difference process based and thread based multitasking?

-> Difference between process based and thread based multitasking: 1) threads share the same address space where as process doesn't. 2) context switching between threads is usually less expensive than between processes. 3) cost of communication between threads is relatively low.

Is Linux a multiuser OS?

yes it is. Linux is a multiuser OS.

Is windows x is multiuser os?

yes windows is a multiuser OS

Difference between single user single task and single user multitasking?

differences between single user single task os and single user multi task os

What are feature of linex os?

Features of Linux OS include multitasking, multiuser, and multiplatform. Additional features include multithreading, crash proof, shared copy-on-write pages among executables, and unified memory pool.

Distinguish between batch system real time system multi tasking system?

The difference between Batch System, Real Time System and Multitasking System is that they are cool and you are a gimp.

What is the difference between multiprogramming and multitasking?

no of tasks can be done at a time is called multi tasking no of programmes can be executed in a single system is called multi programming

Is windows NT is a multiuser operating system?

yes. windows nt is a multiuser operating system

What is the unix terminology for multitasking?


'What is the difference between multiprogramming and multitasking and what is meaning of a task if we consider a task as a program then the concept will be multiprogramming then what is the differenc?

First of all there is difference between program and a task. There may be multiple tasks running related to one program at the same time. so if the processor is busy in multiple tasks related to one program then it is multitasking. But if the multiple tasks which the processor is executing concurrently are related to different independent programs then the concept is know as multiprogramming.

What is a multiuser computer?

A multiuser computer is any computer that has a profile for more than one user stored on it.

Distinguish between a multitasking and a multi access operating system?


How working with more than one program at a time is called?

That is called multitasking.That is called multitasking.That is called multitasking.That is called multitasking.