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What is difference between tufted carpet and woven carpet?


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August 15, 2008 8:33PM

== == Woven is a generic term to describe many different types of carpet construction methods. One of the most common woven methods used in residential carpets is the Single Frame Wilton method which is used to make plain woven carpet. As the backing is being woven, pile yarns are introduced lengthways, (that direction) on the weaving machine. The wires may either be withdrawn leaving a loop pile, or, fitted with knives they may cut the pile. A patterned effect in a combination of cut and loop rows may be created and enhanced by using a stippled or multi-colored yarn combination.

Tufted carpets offer versatility in terms of color, pattern and texture. To make tufted carpets, tufts are individually inserted into a woven or non-woven backing using a needling technique. The backing is coated with a latex compound to anchor the tufts. A secondary backing is almost always needed on tufted carpets to add dimensional stability and mechanical strength. Patterning attachments give a variety of textures and patterns.