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What is differences betweenfront-end and back-end in dbms?

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Back end is the database and server it resides on. That is where the System Administrators and Database Administrators live. They have terminal emulators and telnet to access the servers/databases. Front end is how the users access the database. "Access" is a good example. It could be a company-coded program that accesses the database, requiring a login (the login determines what data the user can access). Then, users can pull data from a GUI menu, or construct a query.

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Difference between a file processing system and a DBMS?

There are many differences between a traditional FPS and a DBMS. The main difference is the security and integrity that is maintained in DBMS but not in FPS.

What are three types of dbms?

Hierarchical DBMSNetwork DBMSRelational DBMS

What are highlights of DBMS?

NA_ what are highlights of advanced DBMS what are highlights of advanced DBMS what are highlights of advanced DBMS

Is java DBMS?

no, Java is not dbms.. Java is a programming language Dbms is database



What is differences between data and information in DBMS?

data is a unprocess items like number graphic... imformation means conway meaning....

What is the importance of database design in DBMS?

DBMS is Database management system .Database design is very important in DBMS, It serves as a foundation of DBMS.

Why Microsoft Excel is dbms?

Microsoft Excel is not a DBMS. It is a spreadsheet application. A DBMS is a database management system. While Excel does have some database capabilities, it is not a DBMS.

What are rows in dbms?

In DBMS the data is stored in the form of table . Each row in DBMS is known as tuple.

What is the difference between DBMS and GIS?

gis and dbms

What are the importance of dbms in industrial environment?

importance of DBMS

What is DBMS in Microsoft?

DBMS is Database Management System.

What is the purpose of dbms?

What is the purpose of dbms?DBMS is a software that organises the creation, storage and maintenance of Databases for end users.

What is the use of dbms?

DataBase Management System (DBMS)is a software package# it allows data to be effectively stored, retrieved and manipulatedand # the data stored in a DBMS packege can be accessed by multiple users and by multiple application programs like (SQL Server, Oracle, Ms-Access) .Types of DBMS# Hierarachical DBMS (HDBMS)# Network DBMS (NDBMS)# Relational DBMS (RDBMS)# Object Oriented DataBase(OODB)# Distributed DBMS (DDBMS)

What is aft of a boat?

The rear, the backend, the stern.

Relationship of Microsoft access to dbms?

Relationship of Microsoft access to dbms

What does an DBMS do?

DBMS is database management system and it stores data that are related. DBMS maintains data security and integrity as well.

What are the java backend and java frontend?

Backend = software running on a server connecting to databases, mainframes, or simply just doing stuff. Frontend = the part a user interacts with. It might be an applet, web page, Swing application, or just about anything that can communicate with the backend.

How do you start and finish a transaction in DBMS?

How do you start and finish a transaction in DBMS?

What are advantages of rdbms over dbms?

advantage of rdbms over dbms

What is the full form of DBMS?

fullform of DBMS is Database Management System

What does a DBMS log registry contain?

"log" rigestary of DBMS contains

Is ms access is DBMS?

No. MS Access is an application which uses a (sort of) DBMS. The power of the DBMS it uses is limited which is why it is not used for larger applications.

How do you use Oracle Forms?

Q/How_do_you_connect_C_as_the_frontend_with_Oracle_as the backend ----

What is the use of oracle?

it is used in backend,to make software

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