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A qualitative observation merely indicates that the subject possesses a certain quality, for example "this water is salty". A quantitative observation takes a measurement of the quality, for example "this salty water has a concentration of 10% salt".

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Q: What is different of quantitative observation to qualitative observation?
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What is the main difference between qualitative and quantitative?

A qualitative observation has to do with things you can't count, "The fish has black scales" is a qualitative observation. A quantitative observation has to do with things you can count, "The fish has 125 scales" is a quantitative observation. You can combine these two, an example would be "The fish has 125 black scales."

What are the two kinds of observation describe?

qualitative observation and quantitative observation

Distinguish between a qualitative and quantitative observation?

Qualitative observation is subjective. Quantitative observation is the result of controlled testing procedures with prescribed procedures in place. Quantitative testing is sometimes called empirical testing.

What are the two kinds of observation describe each?

qualitative observation and quantitative observation

Why is quantitiue observation different from qualitatiue observation?

well quantitative is a a observation using numbers and qualitative observation is a observation with quality ex. quantitative when i was looking at the gas price it went up 10% ex. qualitative wow i saw a greenish orange bird fly around the school

What is the difference between qualitative and quantitative observation?

The difference is that qualitative is wade with 1 of your 5 senses and the other one which is quantitative is an observation involving numbers.

What is the difference between a qualitative observation and a quantitative obeservation?

quantitative observation is observing numbers such as "there are twenty potatoes". Qualitative observation is observing anything that is not countable such as "the potatoes are all brown"

What is the difference from quantitative and qualitative?

A quantitative observation involves a numerical value e.g. The ball's mass is 10 g A qualitative observation does not e.g. The ball is red

How do you make a sentence with the phrase quantitative observation?

Scientists often find that quantitative observation is more important than qualitative observation.

Is bubbly an example of a qualitative or a quantitative observation?

Qualitative observations are those that cannot be measured mathematically or assigned a value. For example, "the sky is blue," is a qualitative observation, it has no mathematical value associated with it. Quantitative observations are those that have a mathematical value. For example, "this desk is 1 meter long" is a quantitative observation. Therefore, noting that something is bubbling is an example of a qualitative observation.

What are the two types of observation in scientific method?

Qualitative and Quantitative.

What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative observation?

Qualitative refers to what a sample is, while quantitative refers to how much of that materal is present.