What is diffident?

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it is something that you lack self confidence and nad moving with extreme haste
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What does 'diffidently' mean?

Answer . 1.. lacking confidence in one's own ability, worth, or fitness; timid; shy.. 2.. restrained or reserved in manner, conduct, etc.. Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/search?db=dictionary&q=Diffidently

How do you use the word diffident in a sentence?

(diffident : shy, retiring, or timid) The new teacher was diffident, and could not conduct a lesson without hiding behind her computer. He was always so diffident and insecure that he spent all his life alone. The diffident woman never fit in well at parties, where she invariably sat in a quiet ( Full Answer )

How do you use diffidently in a sentence?

The word "diffidently" is an adverb. An example of a sentence usingthe word would be: He diffidently explained why he had been late.

How do you use the word diffidence in a sentence?

His body language and expression were characterized by diffidence. Or, the definition of diffidence is when one doesn't exude confidence, or doesn't show signs of having a strong sense of self-worth, or are restrained in their conduct.

What is a sentence for diffidence?

Their decision reflected their sense of complexity, not their diffidence . Hope that helps you, Georgina x

How can you use diffident in a sentence?

To be diffident means to be very shy and lacking in confidence. Anexample of a sentence would be: "Casey was diffident because of herbackground".

Another sentence for diffident?

\nDiffident is an adjective meaning reserved, shy, timid, or lacking self-confidence.\n. \nExample sentences:\n. \nHis diffident manner was the reason he was not hired, despite his excellent qualifications for the job.\n. \nShe gave the impression of being diffident by sitting at the edge of the ( Full Answer )

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Morality(M)= moles of solute divided by grams of solution Molality(m)= moles of solute divided by kilograms of solvent to convert from grams to kilograms you move the decimal 3 units to the left.

How do you use the word diffidently in a sentence?

Out of loyalty to her employers, the nanny answered the cops' questions diffidently , not wanting to reveal too much, but not wanting to obstruct a police investigation, either. She stood in the doorway diffidently , scanning the faces at the party for people that she knew. She worked so di ( Full Answer )

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