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Sala da pranzo is an Italian equivalent of 'dining room'. In the word by word translation, the feminine gender noun 'sala' means 'room'. The preposition 'da' means 'from'. The masculine gender noun 'pranzo' means 'dinner, dinner party'. The phrase is pronounced 'SAH-lah dah PRAHN-tsoh'.

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Q: What is dining room translated in latin?
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How do you say dining room in Latin?

Tricilinium is Dining room in Latin.

What are some English derivatives of the Latin word 'triclinium'?

Triclinium is Latin for a dining room

What is the Latin name for dining room?


What is room in Latin?

The word room translated into Latin is camera or cella

What does tricilinium mean in latin?

Triclinium - dining room.

El comedor in English?

the dining room

What is the roman name for dining room?

A large communal dining area can be called a dining hallor an eating hall. A very small one, which is actually part of some other room (such as the kitchen) is called a nook.If you wanted to be extra fancy, you could always use the French term instead: salle à manger (which literally means, 'room for dining'.)

Which is the correct way to spell dinning room or dining room?

Dining room is correct.

What room of your house might you find the dining room tables?

Dining room tables are often, but not always, located in the dining room of a home. Some homes do not have separate dining rooms, so you might find a dining table in a kitchen or living area.

What is Name for a monastery dining hall?

The word "Refectory'" is used to refer to a monastery dining hall. It is from the Latin word meaning "restore".

What is dining room in a monastery called?

A refectory (dining room) with the kitchen and buttery near it.

Why did ancient Romans use a triclinium?

A triclinium was a dining room, or more properly, the dining couch. The Romans used the room for eating just as we use a dining room.