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There is a distinction made in empathy. Empathy may be viewed as a relatively stable disposition (dispositional empathy), but also as a transient affective reaction elicited in concrete situations (situational empathy).

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Q: What is dispositional empathy?
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What does 'order to vacate dispositional hearing?

It means that whatever was decided at, or about, the 'dispositional hearing' was declared null and void by the 'order to vacate.'

If you apply dispositional attribution then you are?

Very rare psychologist

What is the final stage in a juvenile case?

Dispositional hearing

When we look at other peoples' behavior we tend to overestimate the and underestimate the .?

Dispositional; situational

When we look at other people's behavior we tend to overestimate the and underestimate the?

Dispositional; situational

Would you say USE empathy or HAVE empathy?

Have or Show empathy would be more correct than Use empathy.

What does empathy mean in poetic terms?

empathy empathy put your self in the place of me

Which of the following is an example of dispositional attribution?

Maria didn't study for the test because she has senioritis

What is the suffix for empathy?

NO empathy is not it is a noun.

What is the ability to understand and share another persons feelings?

Empathy E... M... P... A... T... H... Y...

Are you empathy and compassionate?

Empathy and compassion are one and the same. People who display empathy are often compassionate.

How do you show empathy?

You do not 'show' empathy. You would show sympathy. Empathy is the understanding of, or the relating to, emotions in others.yfqjs